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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Headbutting seems to be the weapon of choice for Leftie-Labor thugs. That may explain the big dome on Shorten's skull - Larry seems to capture that perfectly.

I'd like to think that Tone got clobbered by some kind of celebrity - but no, the perpetrator was just an ordinary run-of-the-mill stupid-arsed Leftist thug, typical of the type you can find in any ordinary meeting of Labor or GetUp! or the Greens right across the country. You can bet your butt that he was handing out Vote Yes cards when he did what any of these pricks do as a basic habit.

Ouch, she would have a rock hard head.

Tony should should have decked the oxygen thief and his supporters would be as happy as Larry ( sorry Larry ) with that response and he would have gained many many more supporters during the process. The leftist ratbag element of Greens and Laba would be up in arms but they were never ever going to side with Abbott in the first place so nothing lost.

We all know Tony Abbott got turfed out of the Lodge because he kept using "UM" in explaining just about everything in just about every speech he ever made so going on the demise of the Liberal Party this might be a good time to take speech lessons in explaining everything in a way the will tantalize our thought processors without such terminology like "UM " that doesn't equate to the level of intellect we think we are paying him for .

Perfect, don't laugh cause Sarah 2 dads would be capable of a head butt ????

Good one. Larry!

Poor bloody Abbott. Tried to Lead the Country and just because he made a total mess of it he can't walk the streets without getting a black eye. That's gratitude for you.

What has this Country come to. An EX PM going about his EX PM duties can't walk the streets without getting head butted. Bloody pathetic in my opinion. What is it.....don't people respect Politicians or something.

Studies show 4 in 5 women cannot orgasm from penetrated sexual contact .

Tasmania - A State that is the basket case of the Federation and supported by baby boomer hippies, drugies, dole bludgers, welfare junkies, ex-politicians and failed public servants. Relying of the generosity and handouts from the sweaty people on the mainland. Time to cut them lose. Why would any poli go there?

At least the perpetrator of this altercation had the decency to shake Tony's hand before he clouted him , but this could all be but a misunderstanding in fact it could be Tony's fault as he being the X man of Australian politics he may have yanked this poor misinformed Yes man activist off his feet resulting in head contact between the pair which resulted in the man running off mouthing words of discomfort in his sexual sense .


"Attorney-General George Brandis has strongly rejected any link between the man who allegedly headbutted Tony Abbott and the Yes campaign for same sex marriage."

Sounds like the line Triggs and Soupmousepants ran when the question of taking non-whites before the HRC came up - "It would diminish the position of minority groups."

Clearly these laws were not drafted with the protection of all Australians in mind.

SHY in drag.

SHY in drag.

SHY in drag.

SHY in drag.

Beware. There's pillow biter at large in Tassy.

Ha, ha!