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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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the first part is spot on Larry...I think the dialogue from Turnbull should have been ' How much do you need to keep your mouth shut about this shell game scam' with him smiling with his handout

Captured in a nutshell Laz.

Thanks Turd, your RET worked a treat .

That's it.

But many of us knew it was going to be this bad.

It seems to me that as AGL only purchased the Liddell plant some four years ago , and now they say it is not worth repairing , either some thing is badly wrong with their decision making or the other answer is that they have milked the plant and its customers for all they can get , and now the maintainence bill is coming in they do not want to pay it! Have they just run the plant into the ground the reason the repair cost is now so high , Made a heap of dough,Now they want out, and with the gov, and the opp, policy of spending big on mostly near useless renewables i cannot blame for that ,blame the idiotic policies of the lib/lab/green basket weavers when you lose your job to a cheap aussie, coal/gas powered factory in Asia.,

Anyone with a modicum of brains could see AGL are posturing for a massive subsidy. Just wait and see what lollies will be trotted out by Turnbull to have AGL "reverse" their decision. Last night all the usual lead-up stuff to get a government handout was trotted out by the GM at Liddell - "the plant is old", "it will need tens of thousands to repair rusted plant", "we see renewables as the future", etc.

Question: So why didn't AGL do the normal maintenance and routine upgrades to the power station which has been a cash-cow for for them for over a decade? Answer: AGL is in the profit-making business, and spending money on a taxpayer established-then privatised power station isn't good business. Cheaper to run it down and go out and buy a newer taxpayer-funded power station."

Common sense, judgement, zero.


Oh boy, tis is so true of this egotistical backstabbing turd countersinker

Now dragging Eddie Betts into the SSM quagmire , when will these high profile people learn , mouth shut say nothing , keep out of social issues,They know that people like Eddie and others can not afford to say no publicly because of the reaction of the gays,and the effect on their careers, a no win situation,

A muslim ""refugee"" sets fire to himself and the bank, he certainly will get residency in aus now, probably Pentridge! What an idiot,jail time then deportation sounds a good idea.

It would be funny if not so true (and serious).