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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Will Barnaby do a lone Harka before the commencement of each new sitting of Parliament following the Welcome to Country ceremony and the Smoke Cleansing ritual that is performed by our part aboriginal and part white brothers.

Can't be a sheep shagger as depicted. No gum boots and no Border Collie!

If Barnaby was born here, is he not Indigenous! Labour very quiet about their own MPs Wong , Dastyari , etc.and so does that mean that any children born of those people are not aussies! This is a another scam by the left trying to bring down the government,

A person may change citizenship for a political future in Australia but the amount of travel to their homeland could shed light on their true intention .

Seeing slippery Sam's pro democracy anti Islamic government parents fled Iran seeking a new life in Australia how was it possible for slippery to have travelled to Iran to see his home of his birth on the Australian Story program seeing anyone seen to be of parents who are seen to be by their own admission to be anti regime so how did Sam get a visa seeing the Iranian's are meticulous book keepers of their history of those they think are infidels to their cause ?

It is now obvious to all that many politicians have been signing eligibility forms regarding dual citizenship under Section 44 of the Australian constitution illegally and it should be treated that way. There is no excuse based on I didn’t know or ignorance that should be accepted by the Parliament or the High Court. What should occur is that every elected politician should have to sign a statutory document under oath that they do not hold dual citizenship and provided proof that they have renounced any other citizenship from the country involved. Not just word of mouth and I think I am OK. Not left to the High Court to interpret Section 44 which is written in plain English.

Those caught out should be considered as having committed a crime as would apply to any other member of the public who signed a document illegally. Those involved would know they held dual citizenship but hoped to get away with it as nobody checked. If not they are dumb on such an important matter and should not be in parliament. They should be stripped of their parliamentary entitlement and made to stand aside for a bi-election in their electorate irrespective of how long a member. Alternatively hold another election immediately.

Turnbull’s laughable performance yesterday should not wash on this matter. The Constitution is above anything he believes or says and should be ignored.

Tony Windsor is a bitter and twisted old fart.

If Barnaby gets the lamb chop we'll score Tony Windsor all over again . baaaa

Baaaaa Knobby joyssss

"Actor Johnny Depp has told American late-night television that Australia's Deputy Prime Minister looks like he was "inbred with a tomato"

At this rate only Aborigines will be allowed to sit in parliament, then we will all get deported.

What a load of shit, the man is born inTamworth from a mother who was born in the same district from a grandmother who was also born there also and his old man came to Aus in 1947 and a naturalized Aussie , its bullshit , really the labor party a clutching at straws here.

You drew this one quick Larry. blood ripper...poor old Barnaby is in the thick of it.

I just read a WW2 book re North Africa. Apparently the Pilot's heavy wool lined boots were prized by the ragheads. It seems that they would put them , back to front , on the sheep's back legs to stop them from running away !!?? The mind boggles !!.

I thought he was looking a bit Sheepish the other day.

poor old Barnaby its hilarious, traded in the tomato for a sheep