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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Wong, Cameron time to put it on record, Australian citizens? they have both been a little too quiet on this one.

They already get it all...but they want to hijack our Contract as well....This is what the Homosexual mob already are entitled......See Replies, but check your blood pressure first...

I have a loathing of poofters and other sexual weirdos. Years ago the bastards tried to hide it. Not these days, they try their utmost to irritate the normal people.

All running towards a tornado, blind as bats.

The gay lobby seems to want it both ways)sic) when people say they are undecided they come out and say that it is a yes vote , but surely that means that an undecided voter is happy with the status quo! In Ireland they got a plus sixty percent of the yes vote , but only around thirty five percent of people voted , that does not make a majority in my opinion , it makes it a majority of people who voted , that is all, We might well get a similar result with a vote on , daylight saving or kangaroo shooting, or shark culling! only the really keen will take the trouble to vote, and the gays know it, but like most policies from the ""progressive left "" they want to force this flawed logic upon the voters,

The 'sexually confused ' have denigrated / stolen, the magic words ' gay ' and ' rainbow '. Lousy bastards !

Yep, as long as they 'follow the rainbow' I don't care. It is when they try to force their agenda on us sraights / normal people I get really pissed off.

i heard somewhere that Alan Jones was thumping his chest and threatening to stand for a seat around Sydney. Another one comes out of the closest

It makes the thought of a Gaytime covered in nuts and chocolate quite sickening.

It takes two to tango, blame the WWW by all means, I do, but equally blame Shorten and the hostile Senate Labor influences.

As you can see Turnball has done every thing in his power to destroy this country with the help of his front bench including the Nationals,Labour and the greens.I despair about the future for my grandchildren and even my own children.There has to be a reset very soon or the people will have to rise up which won't very pretty for the people who have caused all this mayhem.

Is it just me or is it becoming more obvious to everyone that Malcolm Turnbull is a Trojan horse planted by the UN to destroy our conservative government and way of life.We were warned by Geert Wilders that Canada's Pm would be ousted by UN operatives within the government.At the same time Wilders warned that the same would happen here to Tony Abbott so protect him at all cost.

Larry - My wife reckons God must be gay - he is the original Rainbow man (or is it woman? or something else?)

Penny Wongs "We love our children" hogwash - if she loved her children so much why is she part of a government which wants open borders, political correctness, virtue signalling -e/tc and Australia brought to same catastrophe as Sweden , on the verge of collapse, and other European countries living apparently forever with fear of terrorist attacks on innocents citizens. Wong is full of it as are the gay marriage proponents as they determined they will wreck Australia and all its institutions. What we can be certain of is once the Marriage Act is changed the triumphant Labor Greens gays and their factions will be onto the next demand they have bubbling away on the back burner.

No more oxygen to this irrelevant subject please.

AB on last night on 2gb talking about the massive explosion of Melbournes population, Not having been over there for a decade or so was amazed at the expansion , I for one am not convinced that such growth is a good idea, and the gov, and the greens think that closing down a major power supplier is a good move,and that green power will suffice into the future for such a massive population , And i add that the liberals , and the labour/greens are wanting to import more people ,

Is that a Qantas jet stream?

The pollies just love the distraction. They simultaneously think they are loved by many for being progressive social reformers and so "accepted". When in reality they are selling out our history and our culture. These people are nothing but political prostitutes who are unbelievably shallow and narcissistic pricks who do not deserve their jobs, and who betray us.

Canberra fiddles while Australia burns.

When you think they do go well together........... The Turd and The Arsehole..........always meant for each other........