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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Dianne Natalie is suspect!

From Tim Blair's site - Former senator Ludlam doesn’t seem particularly troubled over the money, preferring instead to dwell on his terminated political career. “Like everyone else in the party,” he said after resigning, “I’m going to be spending the next week in sad shock and/or swearing loudly into a pillow.” - Funny that, somehow I pictured him biting into the pillow, not swearing loudly into it but I suspected there would be a pillow involved somewhere....

DT asks: Would The Last Green Left Turn Out The (energy efficient) Lights.

Waters appears to have gone tits up...

how good do the hot dog rolls look to a pensioner who can't afford to put food on the table - these cartoons should be banned

how about Mr Bean.

So,are these Green Communists,going to pay back the money they pilfered from us?Or are they a protected species?

After proudly breast feeding her infant in full view of the Australian public and the world through the media whilst addressing parliament and grandstanding demonstrates the old saying " Pride comes before a fall."

That fat cow, SHY , must have citizenship somewhere else; she's not Australian.

What a pity SHY wasn't born in NZ or Canada, I think of a few others too!

I don't know what funnier, these green maggots or Maddi Blomberg realising that she doesn't want to burn coal anymore. those Bottle references....

Good one Laz. Could accelerate the decline in Green votes.

What a pity they will be replaced by 2 more green unelected bottles. If they were in the lower house we would have 2 by elections and the will of the people would rule.

Avi Yemeni is calling out Dastardly. He won't apparently make a clear statement. Gawd, how neat would that be, please, please,please.

Thanks Larry. Terrific and clever as usual. Unfortunately we are likely to get Andrew Bartlett replacing Waters and that 22 year old kid - giving us the big finger in place of Ludlum. (see Blairs pic a few days ago under Ludlum article) Now there'll be a fight for Deputy Green Leader. Both Ludlum and Waters were deputies - I read somewhere. Let me see, Hmmm? Sea patrol Sarah ? Lee Brown Communist Rhiannon ? Janet Rice married to Peter who became Penny ? Sorry I don't know the others. Have any Greens ever been worthy of being in the House of Review? If so please tell me who and what did they achieved for Australia's best interests.

The two that have been caught out , were , in my opinion , the best ( least worse ) of the Greens. Surely, the " brain dead " will wake up and rid us of the remaining scum .

Excellent. I assume these bottles are full of re-cycled crap and hot air?

Maybe green watermelons still sitting on the wall.