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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



lol Larry ..very good

I believe that it is now time that we all own up to the fact that we are all 'Indigenous Australians', claiming all benefits that all indigenous aboriginals are entitled to. I and all my ancestors way back to my great great grandparents are 'country' - we worked 18 hrs a day, with little relief, to develop this land. My skin is just as tanned as Stan Grant's - from labouring in the sun - no synthetic colouring for me! I now state that I am aboriginal and eligible to all the benefits that are freely provided to any aboriginal. If you, my brothers and sisters, will join me in claiming our rights, we'll really have those white people in Canberra working for us!

The more shit the Australoid dig up the further away is their hope of gaining recognition as a part of True Blue Australian Society. Those who have made a name for themselves have done so because they earned it, just like any other Australian.

Dee ? Sun 28 May 2017 01:25:29 am
It's called Uluru maggot bearer. Couldn't you fit that into you piss weak dirge, or was it your intent to be deliberately disrespectful and to highlight your ignorance?

I was on a train from Katoomba with my husband the other day and two white abo females got on with their kids a couple of stations further along and sat on the stairs blocking anyone from getting off the train and talking a whole lot of rot I didn't want to hear in very loud voices. The funny thing is they were sitting under the 'this is a quiet carriage' sign. I thought about mentioning the above sign to them but as one was built like a brick shit-house & I am a breakable 73 I kept silent as did my equally breakable 75 year old hubby! Give them a Treaty & we are finished, what with abos & muzzies Aus is hardly recognizable as the Aus I grew up in! Idiot Pollies giving into both lots at our expense.

Stands as one if the great cartoons with the "Its a little poofter one" and the one about Billy's turn tonight, but all are great anyway.

Ripper Larry.

In the late 18th century, there were about 250 distinct Aboriginal social groupings, and a similar number of languages or varieties thereof. I wonder what the indigenous name for Australia was before it was called Australia, Terra Australis or New Holland and if any of the inhabitants knew just how big the place is.

The local welfare leeches have been calling for a treaty. That infers that they consider themselves to be a separate state to the rest of the nation. (note definition of treaty ; a formally concluded and ratified agreement between states). If they dont consider themselves to be Australians, why are we paying them so much money to hang around?

GREG SHERIDAN | The Australian

Misguided, squeamish Liberals are failing Aborigines &cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=au&client=firefox-b

A bottomless pit to be filled with other peoples' money, into perpetuity. The Libs conservative wing need to keep Turnbull on a tight leash, or we'll be handing over more mutli billions $$$ as 'compensation' for dispossession.

If the Aborigines were here 40 thousand years ago then who was here prior The Great Flood???

Only pay out to supposed darkies who can prove they have a connection to the land they claim to be their ancestral homeland .

The words of " Gimmie,gimme, gimme." Have not been lost or forgotten by our black brethren and the words have been carried on by the current urban paler skinned descendants of Aboriginal and European blood mix population. The original full blood Aborigines used those words when requesting sugar, flour, tea and tobacco from the white man but for the urban Aboriginal/European mix generation of today that is nowhere enough and money is what is being asked for, and lots and lots of it too, and they will be successful with our government handing out loads of taxpayer dollars because they can. The Aboriginal welfare, upkeep and maintenance industry is one of the largest industries in our country today. Oh, I forgot to mention compensation as well.

O/T Hobart Airport extention finished early nxt year. If they dropped the curfew at Mascot, and lets face it the new quiet and super quiet Dreamliner can fly after curfew , with noisier Air Cargo 747B etc movements before curfew restrictions ,whicb is easier to schedule from Port of Departure. This would save the Australian Taxpayers about $ 12 bill.

When ATSIC was disbanded I remember the funding was about $50,000 a year for every man, woman and child claiming to be indigenous. And that's not including Centrelink welfare payments. And a large portion of the ATSIC funding was being misappropriated, no paper trails, gone missing.

Funny thing , some years ago they put the boongs in charge of admission at the Rock ,take the cash and issue the tickets , after initial teething troubles things went well for a few days. One morning the Rangers Office was phoned that for the second day the admissions was unattended , still locked.

What a wonderfully wicked sense of humour you have young Larry.

Vote NO!

You don't see abbos like that any more. All the ones I see are fat on welfare and the kids wear designer government provided clothes. And lazy.