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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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If the below story is true, it effectively means 90% of your money you have invested doesn't even exist. Go figure.

The story is that if everyone went to the banks and demanded the money that they believe the banks hold safely deposited for them, the banks would only be able to hand over $10.00 for every $100.00 you believe you have entrusted them with. This is a result of them creating money out of thin air, without the physical cash to back it up.

Why aren't the Yanks being prosecuted for fabricating computer virus's ?

YTK computer fraud is back !

This stupid attempt by the Turd and Morrison to appease the left by being seen to put pressure on only 5 banks is going to back fire and blow up in their faces very badly. ( a great thing) by trying to be seen to be more left than Short on brains is just pushing Labor further left. Voters have no alternatives, the two parties have become images of each other. Corey Bernadis mob and One Nation will be be the beneficiaries. Anyone who thinks Morrison is the author of this budget better think aagain. Turds inner circle does not include Morrison, Hendy and Sinodinos are his economic advisors. I beleive that Morrison has been offered a plush over seas post, this is the product of Turds inner circle. If it blows up watch Morrison get thrown under a bus!

Kelly was no hero! He was a cop killer and a horse thief, deserved everything he got.!

It says a lot about the audience bias at the ""exclusive dinner for the women of Melbourne "" Ex PM Gillard reportedly on a $300 grand a year not only played barrel girl but picked her own tiicket, while she is reported to have offered to pick again , some in the audience said that ""as she had done so much for the country "" she deserved to keep the prize , a three month free use of a a Mercedes coupe! Ms Gillard was then quick to accept the offer , but later the suppliers of said Merc was asked if the vehicle could be used for publicity purposes for the Beyond Blue organisation of which Ms Gillard in now chairman/woman. The whole affair says a lot firstly the bias of the people at this exclusive event and a bit about Gillard who was quite willing to accept the prize .,

Several years ago my husband had a serious accident and was hospitalised for months and as my name was not on the bank account that the mortgage payments came from and there was not enough in my housekeeping account I went to the ANZ where the loan was with and the female I spoke to joyfully told me if I defaulted on the payment one more time they would take the house! I had to go to a solicitor & get a short term power of attorney for my husband to sign to pay the loan to the bank. Thanks a lot ANZ - not!

Ha ha ha ha brilliant...exactly as it is.

Brilliant cartoon, love it

Larry should be given his old job back at The Australian. He's not Bill Leak, but close.

about the Ex NSW Prosector a few years ago who got done for child pornography who had his computer repaired and that service person invaded that prosectors personal domain by violating his privacy and transmitting it to others and they should see jail time and heavy penalties paid to their victims for involving themselves in customers personal affairs as servant of that person as a contractor which in itself is a breach of the consumer affairs Act and those contractors who sabataging our machines to break down again in 6 months time should be jailed forever .

Privacy Act must insure that computer repair people are licenced that they fear being prosecuted for violating consumers PC's by inspecting our "favourites" menu to see what we personally get up to which in itself is in invasion of our privacy and will not be tolerated . This brings to mind those prosecuted for having baby pictures on the PC's I am wondering if these people are no different to someone having pictures of cute animals ;Are they in to beastilality ? Could be that the person would love to have a marriage and a child but for some personal reason this person can't so they have photo's of young children much like someone else having animal pictures and why I brought this up was of a feeling .cont.

Seeing Keating's recession we had to have wasn't market driven the bank's altered the interest rates illegally and blindly profited for their mercantile gain and the politicians we employ to protect us failed us by allowing it to happen .

All the banks are thieves , but the NAB is the most corrupt by a long way .

Anyone, and I mean anyone who thinks the costs of banks doing business won't be passed on is an imbecile, and I include in that assessment the people, the politicians and the press. The banking business never fails to deliver to the shareholder and nor they should! For those who have an irrational hatred for banks, may I suggest vote with your feet, don't use them.

Well you may laugh but YOUR super fund may have been hit for thousands as the CBA share price has gone down by $4.00. thanks to the new levy....but don't worry the ACCC will make sure the levy will not be passed on to anyone.

Banks have been robbing us blind for years and years. Foreclosing on mortgages. Charging high interest rates on loans. Exorbitant charges on account transactions. No longer pay interest on most types of accounts. Now colluding with governments to see a cashless society. Eventually no cash, no coins. Just card or phone transactions. Cheques will be phased out too. Governments want a cashless society. Eliminates the cash black market and allows "mate's rate" transactions to be identified and traced for taxing purposes. Some think transactions will eventually be by contact lens with the human brain and computers linked but this in fact is never going to be possible. Our brain function is unique and is totally incompatible with computer function. We are not and never will be humanoids.

It would be funny if it weren't so true.