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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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Clever Larry. The reader is left to figure out what Mal said. O the poetic mind and cartoonists. Sharp!

Larry I was thinking the same thing..its a wonder Trump didnt introduce Turd as Head of Goldman Sachs Australia...that would actually have been more accurate...and made more sense to Trump and his band of Goldman Sachs ransackers

Oh Larry, excellent drawing of Loosy. BTW - I always wonder why she looks like she has a swivel neck that flicks the plastic hair around - every where she goes. I think it is an insecurity device to look as if she knows what she's doing and she obviously knows she doesn't know. -- I thought Trump said wanker, but my hearing is not perfect. I note the gleaming smile of MT dropped off his face when not being "admired". Do they practice together in a mirror? Fakes both. Empty souls.

Is that Mal's mother?

Loosey needs a stylist. Malcolm needs a new job. Australia needs a packer wacker.

"Pumpkin" ! Too good.

He's proud of it too.

As Trump's staff explained.....he has to meet the Wankers (Whackers) of the world as well as normal people...........just this once.......

Lyn Bender,psychologist and social commentator, noted that where Tony Abbott, under any circumstance, managed to swagger, Mr Turnbull looks so small, ill at ease and out of place. "He looks like a bird clinging to the perch with his claws and looking insecure, with a full rictus grin."

But apparently, he didn't waffle (for once), instead showing more hesitancy when he spoke. However, it was the fist grinding to the thigh that showed Turnbull was alone and well out of his depth.

"That’s him holding on to himself, reassuring himself. ‘I’m here, I’m okay.’ It has that primitive effect as if you’re being groomed by a fellow chimp. He’s telling himself, he’s not alone.”

You can always tell when the Don is fed up, he pouts.

I wish someone would give Loosey some dress tip's. She is such a scruffball .

Perhaps President Trump was not impressed on how Prime Minister Trumble Stabbed the Last, First Term, sitting Prime Minister of Australia in the Back and Stole his job from him? Not the best form to display about your Loyalty or your Trustworthiness as a person OR an Ambassador for Australia on the World Stage...

Troop.. She's too colour co ordinated for a drab , beige , half interested ninny.

Malcolm Oh Malcolm , how do l loath thee , let me count the ways .......

I was expecting Turdbull to invite The Donald to visit Australia. You must come downunder Mr President , we' ve got everything in Australia, The Worlds Best Harbour , and a Big Bridge and The Grandest Opera House and a Wonderful Big Harbour and a Big , Big ,big ,big Bridge and a Spectacular Opera house and a Grand Harbour and a Rugged Bridge and a Grand Old Opree House and a bottom of the Harbour and a Bridge like Bostons only big big Bigger and a Opra Horse AND ALL.

Malcolm would be dissappointed in the meeting , no selfies !!!!!

An excellent summing up of the meeting? More akin to a 'photo bomb' by our excuse for a PM - a piss takers easy target.

The grandparents walking behind the Trump's! Look out Loosy, he's wondering where to get one like Malina, couldn't take his eyes off her.

Good one Larry !

Trumble is forever known as WWW.