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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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Larry must have been on the turps

Larry, you got a different calendar to us ?

Unify all the conservative minor parties with disaffected liberal and labor voters, and do the right thing - in other words, get people in power who put their country first. All these other clowns are so worried they might offend the enemy.

Seeing our expensive foreign minister Julie Bishop is such a loud mouth towards NK why doesn't she go there and face off with them and spank them in person ?

The appearance of all those didgeridoos at various ANZAC ceremonies, the ranting of that four eyed nigger woman from the ABC and the indigenous spokeswoman who turned an ANZAC Day ceremony into an aboriginal protest meeting is a greater cause for concern than anything the North Korean regime can compose. These incidents are a manifestation of a serious inner core cancer. The government is in a position to rein in the ABC, which is the provider of their platforms, just sits on its hands. We are, as a country, in very serious trouble. The national will for cohesion and preservation of all that we held dear is lost. Unfortunately by the time the great mass of people realise it it will be beyond redemption if it is not already beyond that.

Has anybody thought to Google why Nth Koreans dislike the US? Check out some information on topic on Americans have forgotten what we did to Nth Korea and topic why does Nth Korea want nukes. After your read you will soon see why the Koreans have not forgiven the US. I am not an apologist for their little fat leader and don't like his view on life but I can understand his logic.

Larry I thought your cartoon would have just been a big white flash (with a bit of luck)

Just do it.

Hey Larry, the helmet and bayonet haven't updated since May 1 1952

Exactly where I'm coming from blyth. Same as does China want US troops running around near their border.So they will occupy, if things go bad.

China would quite likely like to ""expand"" to , what is an off shoot of china ie Korea, like wise Taiwan, and the Islands in the China sea, But the NK is just to far out for China at this time, if things calm down and a regime change happens , then a more friendlier and in time more of a co,op, position could happen, and China may be able to have more influence over the NK economy,and political system, , How would the SK react? to a Chinese take over of NK? one that would put a still Communist China right on its border!

Both China and Russia make it clear they do not approve of unilateral American military action without UN mandate.

Best time to attack North Korea - when all the missiles are being driven round and around Kim Il Sung Square.

I hope US circuit court judges give Donald permission to sort out North Korea . . .

Hope it comes true Larry.

The dates?, that a prediction?

Why would it take a whole two minutes?

That body will be President Donald Trump and their Stars & Stripes will be no more if anything happens to one single NK citizen as it happens NK could hold the key to a fuel that would allow space craft to take off and land from your very own backyard in your Jet Jackson space car .

Sorry Guys, Ain't gonna happen, China has just stated, (breaking news) that they will not accept any crap from the US and will support Pyongyang. see for details.