The Pickering Post
Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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Seems QANDA has made the news again. I'm guessing none of their panelists have ever been within 1000 miles of a troubled Aboriginal community from what's been reported of their discussion of Bill Leak is anything to go by. Bloody lefties and their noble savage fantasy...

Brilliance personified Larry.... Hell have no fury as a woman's scorn and scorn this woman has in spades, that's if you can call her a woman. At least one things for sure we know what the C stands for.

What would happen if someone digitally superimposed a Viral video of Ms TRIGGS Burning a Qu'ran whilst sitting on a Toilet with a 3ply roll of Allah scripted Toilet paper. She can then experience the warmth of those she is protecting, at Our Expense..

That says it all Larry. I really hope she is hounded now. What a spiteful person.

Very good Larry. She's too evil for hell.

She should hang her head in shame.

Triggs' reputation was destroyed many, many years ago. There is no redemption for her. None.

Yes, hell is too good for that woman. Evil personified. And her buddy Snout-pollution.

Excellent bait Larry. You may well hook a big one. ;-)

Excellent, Larry. Well thought out.

18C ... very clever! No home for the wicked. Good one Larry.

Nailed it again Larry.

The Witchfinder General finds no room at the inn.

The devil bears a striking resemblance to you Larry. A self portrait perhaps?

Oh dear ....I am confused, is HRC for Trickie or Hills?. Birds of a feather one might say and they both belong in the same nest. I would hope they find a very special place for them

Why am I seeing Chinese symbols about half way when I complete a full scan of my PC ?

Why hasn't her employment been terminated for her anti Australian activities ? I get the impression that Malcolm is protecting her seeing she is one of them .

If I were sitting in that chair, by the time I had finished the initial interview, she would be begging for a honey covered bull ants nest..The smell of Acid burning human flesh, one drop at a time in a porcelain bathtub tends to make you gag a little apparently. Or so the story went. But I am not a man of violence. I do however believe Karma has work to do.....

Excellent Larry, Is that where the B is looking for some place to accommodate her?