The Pickering Post
Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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Special Parcel deliveries, Where else in the Public Service have these primitives been given such strategic positions with grandiose largess, paid by me, a poor bloody taxpayer a for 67 years?

I wonder who is going to pay for the upkeep on his brothers "Muslim Museum showing the historic achievements of Muslims since Australia's settlement?" (Paid for out of his brothers PO Bonuses - viz our money!!)

My hunch is that the Islamic clerics / imams / muftis did a deal with Labor to appoint stealthy Islamists to overpaid public senior positions in return for the Muslim voting bloc. "Private" donations from Saudi or Muslim Brotherhood "leaders"to universities and Labor/Greens politicians (we shall refer to these "donations" as "library building" donations or "campaign" fund donations. Labor and Greens would be prepared to destroy Australia's culture and future in the name of "multiculturalism" just to line their own greedy pockets and to stroke their sociopathic egos.

Just realised - the two with hankies are blokes and maybe the one on the left a cows hoof as well - just look at the way he holds his hand

Does he have four wives or are there more to the right and just not enough room in the cartoon?

Nailed it!,,, hahahaha. You are clever, Larry

Who even uses the Post Office anyway? The best way he could have earned his money was by closing it down.

Very good Larry. And to think that they were in red while he was CEO.

Love it Larry.

The business of Australia Post is receiving mail and delivering mail. It is a taxpayer-owned monopoly. So it took a new manager paid a base salary of $1.2m plus hefty annual bonuses of $3-4m to work out that letters were being overtaken by digital, the parcels game was a bonanza and AP could increase the cost of a standard letter posting at will. So why not use your monopoly power and massive distribution setup to ramp up the parcel business, sack a few thousand people, buy up a few parcel competitors and almost double the price of sending a letter. Wow, it took someone with an MBA to work all that out?


Fearing the worst. Just how much personal info on all of us eg: address, types of regular mail, eg return to ,etc has this person had the opportunity to gather ? And more to the point distribute it.? The mind boggles about how easy it would have been

P O indeed.

I would take my chances with the second one from the left. I think she could be a looker.

Brilliant Larry. Are those dark patches tears coming through their burkas? And what is in that briefcase - all our names, addresses, postcodes?

I shall never look at a post box in any other way ... clever stuff.

Love the way he quits days before he's scheduled to front the Committee over his salary.

....P.el.O ....

Spot on Larry......One could only guess what secrets he has acquired and will share with his Islamic Brothers about our Postal system, it's Strengths and especially it's Weaknesses...