The Pickering Post
Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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I think it would be a win win situation if these two basket cases were removed from the commonwealth .Combined they produce nothing other than wine of any use .A side benefit would be the decimation of the greens .There would only be Adam Ant in Melbourne plus a few non entities from the rest of the country

You forgot Victoria. It is just as hopeless and socialist as SA. If we could get rid of Tas, Vic, SA the rest of us would be rich, rich I tells ya.

Maybe we might get lift off with the predicted 95 kph wind gusts driving the SA wind turbines.

Lets do it !!

Just so long as Christopher Pyne goes with it. It goes without saying, SHY as well.

The Great Australian Bite.

I guess the tug is peddle powered

Any chance of hitching up nsw, (Newk/Syd/Wolls) and letting NSW get on without their bloody interference and theft ? Might snag Cantberra if we were lucky as well.Would miss the proper footy from Vic and Sa, but that's it.

We would be doing the rest of the country a favour if this were possible .Just think no more moronic SA or Tas politicians .The greens are almost gone in one fell swoop & would become the party of "NO CONSEQUENCE"

There has always been something foreign about SA .

Make sure Gillard is home in SA in her $2m home.

To be perfect the tow just has to pick up Tasmania on the way!

Agree , but load if up with ALL our Muslims first !!

Wind power is not free as we are told. You need the same backup from reliable sources as you install.
A way to level the market would be to demand every MW of wind power to guarantee or buy supply elsewhere to make sure they combined always can deliver a certain amount of power.
Excess power in stormy weather they need to handle them selves.
The system existing now is an extrapolation of a few windturbines that did no harm to the system with windparks equivalent to big power stations but out of control.
Don’t use Denmark as a benchmark. We have neighbours with a lot of hydro and we are only a small disturbance in the supply.
Look a bit down the page and you have all Scandinavia.

That the master plan for Aussie of the progressive leftist elites, divide the nation economically with hair-brain climate change bullshit, open boarders embracing the multicultural clap-trap which results in a nation of divided tribes where they plan to rule.With the prospect of Shorten, Plibercheck, Wong and cohorts being in power soon it seems they are on track to achieve this.

Their own little USSR.

Larry ,While it would be a great benefit to have ""an inland sea''do not laugh to soon , the way things are going you ""easterners"" will be the next ones to feel the stupidity of the greenies/socialist driven energy policy! the difference being that your ""brownouts"" will be bigger and cost more than ours!

Where is Tasmania ?

I hope that tug boat is solar powered, and the smoke coming out is just steam from the galley.