The Pickering Post
Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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Love the long tie.

So true.

CNN Clinton National News. Feed us anything, preferably in digital form, ready to go to print and we will fact check later, if anyone complains. We even accept Dorothy Dix type questions from the Democrats, before Presidential debates. And they wonder why Trump bypasses traditional media with Twitter. Respect for media dwindling.

Obama makes the comment that Putin ie Russia , is not on americas team, then i presume he thinks that the Muslim Brotherhood is !, The policy of using Islam to ïnfluence"" the Russkies has resulted in the present situation in the middle east and the exodus of millions of muslims and non believers,, as for the CIA and its acolytes opinions well they did say that Saddam was a threat to the world and implied that he had super weapons, it was all a lie,who trusts the cia anymore,many of the US gov,s decisions based on CIA advice have ended in disaster for innocent civilians..I am not anti US , but their foreign policies have been anything but helpful for several decades , even Korea , a stalemate,Vietnam, a mess, Iraq, the same,now Syria, i could go on.

True. But Larry, why do you, and many other cartoonists, part Trump's hair on the wrong side?

Don't worry too much about Russia over reacting to being accused of hacking seeing they didn't go as bonkers when they were accused of downing the Malaysian aircraft over the Ukraine instead they offered tangible proof of suspicion of the event and offered help with their own carbon copy of the event at great expense to prove their innocence of the guilt labelled on them by Barry and his intelligence mob who were really slick quick in providing their "actual evidence" of the guilt of Russia too quick .

Yes well, Clinton refused to go on any Fox programs including the Kelly File ( Megyn Kelly) the same one who attacked Trump during the Republican preselection. Turdbull also refuses to go on certain programs including Sky News, and before the last election Radio station 2GB, but when his ratings fell through the floor, he organised a meeting with Alan Jones, where I beliece he begged to get an interview!!!

The MSM/Enemedia are gradually being starved to death, particularly by the awakened patriots in America.

Larry, what remains of you is still firing on all cylinders. Great to see that you are keen to do the show for Kirralie, Debbie & Q. Thoroughly enjoying witnessing the slow & painful death of the MSM/Enemedia.

From memory, when "The Donald" called a press conference shortly after decimating the opposition, he gave as "verbal serve" to all press the MSM reps, but saved a special slap down to CNN -well deserved!!

Very clever Larry ! ... another good one

Hanoi Jane Fonda must be as proud as punch every time she sees what has become of her ex-husband's television network. It's almost as if she still has 100% editorial control.

If President Trump were to want to really upset the media he can have them shut down for reporting misinformation election news under their Corporations Act much like in Australia with the ASIC where a business can have their business wound up for dishonesty .

Chicken Noodle News. Just like our SBS, ABC Ch 7, 9 ,10 Fewx Facts, The Aged. The Infirm SMH

Classic Lazza. Captures the essence of leftoid Fake News outlets.

This interview with Assange says it all.

Just like our ABC, Biast