The Pickering Post
Thursday, 30th March 2017

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Just think, WE elected the bunch in the current Politburo

How many polls do we need to convince the spineless Libs that they've taken on a turkey as (non)leader? If it's 30, an we hold them daily please?

Where oh where are those rocket launchers that disappeared from the army a few years ago .

Lady Lucy would have an attack of the vapours....... [ . ]

Spot on. And Abbott and Hockey are well and truly vindicated for trying to repair the Budget after Rudd and the fat arsed slut completely blew it to smithereens!

Your dad is right young man.

Go Pauline, Trounce that Palazuk and then Turdbull

I have to say, someone should moon him from said Helicopter.

That sums it up to a T Larry.

In yesterdays Murdoch Press Toe Rag Turnbull was reported to have made a speech marking 25 years we have been waiting for a Republic ,in that speech he said that nothing should happen until Queen Liz carks it ,before we apply to becoming so ; Well that fit in dandy for Toe Rags political ambition that he started this movement to advertise his name so it wouldn't be hard for the punters to find his name when he first contested the ballot for his seat of Wentworth and lo and behold we had his mentor Johnny Howard who allowed us to have a Republican vote at our expense seeing nothing was achievable of it and now we have Toe Rag Turnbull insisting Australia wait until he retires from office before we go down the path of our potential freedom .

BK ..Are you sure he wasn't trying to part the waves ?

Santa Turdbull s sack is MT except for COAL. This weeks MYEFO will be a SHOCKER. The Nations financial statement will dispell any doubt that the Turdbull Govt is a left wing sham . The International Credit Agencies will inevitably downgrade our credibility to support our borrowing based on the strength and movement of our economy and the way our Government financial officers are maintaining control . It's not moving , it's constipated, the Treasurer is shit scarred to act , and Turdbull gives EVERYONE the SHITS.

See the git's Christmas wishes email at Morning Mail It's all about a good report card for himself. Oh and if you missed Sharri Markson's article at the DT the MT WWW doesn't trust the polls now that his are going down. He's going to ignore what the polls say.The Polls only counted for MT to oust Tony Abbott. Did he miss the poll said 13% swing against North Sydney by-election? Did he miss that he lost 14 seats and scraped in by one at the July election? What a delusional fool.

Christmas wish list ? F Orf Malcolm.

The 'RED' is probably appropriate !! Maybe we can be rid of him for 364 days a year !!

Trumby..Good one! Malcolm's Folly !! Great title for a full blown critique on the Traitor.

Ho Ho Ho and another tax on us all for being alive to finance Malcolm's folly .

The Turd who stole Christmas.

Why is the ultimate grinch dressed like a lovable jolly fat man we all like?

Wow, Mr. Jobson Gross!!