The Pickering Post
Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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I didn't have much time for gutter mouth Keating, but he summed up the greens recently with.......they're a bunch of Trots, hiding behind a gumtree, pretending they're the labor party!!!

The Greens will never be a stand alone political force forming government on their own. They'll always play the whore, bitching, whining, and happy only when the money is right.

How to save our money! Why not just stop getting travelling expenses. Why not stop inviting people for big meals, why should he have invited the Muslims for Christmas dinner they do not believe in Christmas, followed recently for people who have more money then we have. Mr Turnbull had his chance he must resign NOW.

The words Useless and Turnbull have become synonymous!

In a sensible system the gov, would put up a bill, ie the backpacker tax, the parties would have a say and accept what is a fair compromise and put the bill through parliament and get on with some thing more important, not in 2016 Australa!! we have to have endless arguments , useless ego driven speeches by people who got elected on a zero percent of stuff all , but who think they can now run the country, countless wasted hours taken up by waffling about about some small point of taxation law, i believe that there are too many lawyers in government , there forte is arguing over nothing! the world is moving along people , get real, the gov, and its leaders are a laughing stock!!

perfect Larry...the great communicator shows yet again he's a man with clay feet. Very impressed with how the Greens display their economic credentials and commitment to controlling the burgeoning (nay, out of control) national debt and deficit. As for Hinch, all mouth and self-aggrandisement...another one term wonder in the house of swill. When will someone with some dingleberries step up to the plate. I can't believe we have reached such a low point in government across Australia.

I call him mr squeaky he come across as so pure and clean he must surely squeak! The mr smoothy oh so right all the time, he must be the closet thing we ever had to JC himself LOL

Does Kevin Rudd speak German ?

Those carpet burns on the knees are a dead give away he is on the receiving end.

Turnbull has proved he is not very agile. Certainly not flexible or inovative and obviously can't negotiate his way out of a wet paper bag. He is becoming the worst PM we have had for some time. I thought Rudd then Gillard hard to beat for worst ever but Turnbull is proving he is a strong contender.

Turnbull and his ideas of ''innovation ,innovation ''

Is there an Open Hunting Season on such Nation destroying PESTS!?

Turnbull might think he has had a win, but in the real world the greens will never vote liberal , no matter how hard he sucks up to them. TA found that out, trying to pander to the left is a wasteful and in the end useless policy . if the libs want votes , support those who support them! labour will just do what labour does , ie be as awkward as possible and stuff the people .

great stuff Larry, it's his colour all right ..


(Have to wonder where that nose has been.)

Ha ha, spot on Larry. He'll be after a copy for the hallway.

LP.. The best yet!!!!

If we , the stupid punters , vote in a disfunctional Senate , then the PM has to do deals ! Remember that Tassie Senator Brian Harridean , donkey's year ago , he was a master at screwing for his electors. John Howard was a master at seemingly pandering to his whims but at the same time ,stitching up a good deal for the rest of Australia. Until the majority back a genuine bloke , this will be the way things get done. Pity T.A. didn't understand the proceedure !

The transformation ... From Dim Natale to Buon Natale. As far as he's concerned, a blow job is better than no job.