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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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And now for you aforementioned sycophantic followers. Each of you list Lambie's terrible political sins she has committed since becoming a Senator and tell me why you think of her as you do. I seem to recall the same uninformed, juvenile, verbal derision directed by Labor feminists, mainly school teachers who had high opinions of themselves and 'academic' poofs with similar attitudes and beards, at Pauline Hanson.

It's interesting. The bagging the Lambie girl gets from LP for one and the sycophantic followers who respond by posting uninformed drivel in support of an unkind drawing for a second. A cartoonist's drawing is simply that and in most cases can be excused but the meaning behind it is another matter and my guess is that in LP's case it's personal and coming from an eminently informed and respected one, suggests some vendetta strongly. Now if the image was of the Bishop woman I would understand but why choose Lambie? Forget the women's past as a private citizen and concentrate on her performance in the Senate as a Senator, it's actually relevant. Lambie is doing her job far, far better than 90% of the useless bastards in both Houses. Get off the girl's back Larry and give her a fair go.

I was watching some mind numbing TV Show the other day and some bloke was attempting to flick his hard hat onto his head by a cantilever action involving a log of wood and a shovel...backfired and the shovel him him hard and square on in the pills....The panel of mostly females laughed and laughed at the man's pain and about a female clip where she gets hit hard in the breast...and rolls over in agony...Now that would be funny. ( Joe Hilderberg was the host of the show from memory )

What a sexist cartoon. You should be ashamed of yourself, Larry.

Unshaven arm pits too ! Are you sure she is not one of those fuzzy wuzzies from New Guinea who feeds a baby on one and a pig on the other ?

The flea trail goes up between her tits ! Now that is ugly !

What a set of tits ! Could she really be that ugly ?

31 years working for NT Health makes it impossible for me to laugh about this. I saw the results of far too many brutal beatings. Star pickets and similar weapons make a hell of a mess of women and children. Sorry. Just not my sort of humor. In fact I hope the day never comes when I can laugh at this but then I am sure Larry's aim was not to score laughs but to clearly demonstrate that MT is clueless in understanding and addressing the issue of women's fundamental rights to safety and security in their own homes.

getcha 'ands out of yer pockets you orrible little man

I've got to say, it's certainly one of your better cartoons Larry, in fact it's a ripper!!!!

Friday night after closing time and give him a bottle of Plonk and he would be more appreciative of her womanly mores !

Lambie for sure, with a head like that you would never tire from belting it, original abbo.

I reckon, in the Lamb Chop's abode, she'd be the one dishing out the discipline.

Lamb Chop desperately needs the whipper snipper, or a quick trip to the Waxworks for a xxxx Brazilian.;-))

I meant to say, is it genetic to the race?

Clean bowled it! did you know that anthropologists can trace back to the 14th Century, by reference to bones and skulls, that aboriginal men were belting their women over the head with "heavy blunt instruments", so this is not a new phenomenom by any means.

I am so sorry Larry, but she looks like Lambie.

The one on the left looks like an ALP polly to me. The one on the right, maybe.

Malcolm will never understand what bush women have to endure to exist .