The Pickering Post
Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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Not many comments follow a cartoon, when they are so much more deserving. Go figure.

What a joke that these two who were making speeches against Trump have as much or worse history of being terrible to people to further their gain .

MT THINKS he is a Statesman?? Ha! Ha! Ha! He has proven AGAIN he is treacherous. Calls Trump to suck up and then double deals the new POTUS with the Obozo refugee deal and double cross all the hard working, honest tax paying real ozzies when he agrees to the Climate Change scam. W are NOT surprised. That was always another obvious treacherous LIE. Lets demand his assets and businesses are audited?

A good depiction of two socialist derelicts. The only thing that differentiates them is the best way to destroy Australia's economy and culture. Both believe they have the answers and should be impeached for their behaviour. Of course the likes of Bishop, Pyne etc along with Plibersek and Wong etc should be included in the impeachment. Turnbull and Shorten are both losers and the thinking supporters of each party will punish both at the next election which will be sooner rather than later. The One Nation and independents will be the recipients of their votes. Unfortunately as a result the lucky country will be no more.

Mal handled the Gay marriage thing superbly
Basically all parties agreed to the plebiscite, the people gave it their mandate
Labor and the Greens lost their bluff and found out they are only minor players .

What a couple of nation leaders!! Shorten the eternal opportunist who really is a self-serving, back-room apparatchik who has wormed himself into a position where he can bullshit the gullible into believing him, As for Lord Turnbull who likes the sounds of his own deep & very insincere bullshit, we as a proud and Honorable nation unfortunately must stand-by and cop this.

Bloody beaudy Larry ...

Shorto's longs have become shorts, another beauty Larry.

The TURD will be gone by Xmas, replaced by Tony Abbott. ShortOnBrains, he will be destroyed by Tony Abbott.

I call it Tantrumps by the cry baby generation!

These two blokes need a good hiding each for what they have done to the Nation. I'd like to think that's what's waiting for them in the dark alley off Oxford Street

BIG lennie and neddy would know how to fix the problem , Rodger was the fixer , criminals they where , but they fixed the problems

Do you remember Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil who ranted songs of US aggression until he became a ALP Federal Parliamentarian and then changed his tune .

These two have totally insulted the future President of the USA and should resign immediately for conduct unbecoming that of a member of our Australian Parliament of the Government of Australia .