The Pickering Post
Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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Larry.... though the cartoons are great.. it's really past time for you to clean up the PP site... there is much there which is causing grief to many... time to consider this Larry!

Brilliant Larry! I'd rather have a crass womanizer than a corrupt lying Clinton that would have had her strings pulled by both Bill & Barry!

Like Trump or not, how many of ""our ""leaders are business billionaires? most if not all are in the position they are because that are long time members of he political class, take Shorten , he is only in the position he is because he is a tool of the CFMEU, , Obama was an organiser for the democrats in Chicago, Putin is leader because he was a top guy in the then KGB, name any who were not party hacks of some sort, and all of those made their living and their wealth from the taxpayer and or government salaries.

Now, after "the Obama Nation causing desolation", comes the "Trump of Doom"

No doubt Shorten will be backtracking on the bad fings wot he said about Trump. "Oh, DONALD Trump . . . I was talking about RONALD Trump . . . nasty fellow . . . runs a pie shop in Altona . . ."

Larry, can you do one on the feminist Trioli making the tits comment about Mrs Trump. What a stinking bitch.

In court.

Ha Ha, good one Larry.

This morning the Don had 276 electoral votes, which means he will be the next Prez. According to the rules he only needs 271 to win, but we are dealing with democrats who make labor look like boy scouts when it comes to following their own rules.

the silent majority has spoken watch out billy big titsand turdball

If he is talking about Hilderbeast, I hope he's wearing rubber gloves.

I have just been reading the application stuff to get a licence to cultivate dope and I can tell you that not one of any Politian in Australia could score a permit going on the standard of the person required to be able comply with the rules .

Hillary is very rude to her supporters who turned up for a party ,get told to go home and sleep because Hillary won't be joining them to party with them that the race is over . That tells us what sort of a President she would have been .

Larry are you going to church in the morning

Go the Don !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are a load of politicians and media with egg on their faces this afternoon...some weeks back I sent my local member an article about Trump, my comment was that in Australia he is called Pauline Hanson, he did reply, a plus, but with some cant regarding the Presidency, and what did I want him to do with the article, I suggested he learn from it...

I bet he is sneering on the other side of his face today....

It's a pussy blow out hehehehhe!

That idiot who made that cartoon about the horse with a face that looked like trump at the back of the horse dropping shit. I hope you could now draw a cartoon about Bull shortin in the same way . but this time put your face just under the dung so that it drops right into your mouth. And bring all of the ABC staff and other MSM to share in the shit.

This grabbing pussy saga probably got him elected in the South with the good old boys thinking of Trump as being their John Wayne sort of guy .