The Pickering Post
Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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I am curious why the media didn't interrogate the park manager ? It is that persons responsibility on a day to day basis not the CEO of the company .

I went to Dreamworld in November 2012. The whole place was scruffy and run down then with a few bored looking tigers and a timber shed housing nocturnal animals in gloomy light.. I didn't go on any rides, just walked around. There seemed to be a lot of rubbish in the waterways. ie plastic bags, discarded thongs and food wrappers. .The experience was less that satisfying From the pictures on TV news this week nothing has been improved, all I saw was lots of rusty corrugated iron fences and roofs.They do not seem to spend any money on upgrading the park so I wonder how much is spent on upgrading the machinery

Is it just me or would the thousands of dollars wasted on flowers and soft toys be better utilised by having a trust account set up for donations to assist the families of the deceased. What is the point of heaps of flowers. They do nothing but bring revenue to the florists

Chaos ... run by a woman ... FFS

Organisations that put P.R. figureheads in charge, people who have no core knowledge of what is going on, deserve to get into trouble. Sir William Hudson ran the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electrical Authority like clockwork . He was an engineer.

These things should be controlled with the same rigor that is applied to airliners. These machines are designed to make extreme moves in unexpected directions. That means metal on metal stress way above what a motor vehicle would experience. Mechanically speaking, they resemble flying machines more than wheeled vehicles.

Could not get over how the photographers were sticking their cameras right in the faces of people placing flowers down. Give em some space you arrogant arseholes.

Dreamworld are dreamin' referring attendees as guests. When guests visit my home I don't charge them.

A lot of people putting their two bobs worth in and fronting the television cameras at every opportunity over this tragic matter would be better served if they had kept their traps shut and let the police and coroner do their jobs. The only people who are rubbing their hands together over this are the lawyers and for reasons obvious to most.

Maybe it's my highly tuned sense of survival but I wouldn't get near one of those rides to get my photo taken.

Pauline on Paul Murray SKY NEWS in 3 mins.

Hell, what are they supposed to do , there was a kerfuffle and something didn't go right and from that ,people died ; Larry's narrative is insensitive to say the least much like the bitch on TV who demanded if the company had spoken to the families yet and then derided them for not doing so fast enough for her liking . How are they supposed to know how to make contact especially so with the privacy laws that forbids personal information of anyone being obtained, even if you own a mango farm ,the Dept of Agriculture will not tell you who else in the district grows them to form a marketing co-op because of the privacy act .

Accidents happen all the time. You can't shut down everywhere it happens or nothing would be open.

Accidents happen all the time. You can't shut down everywhere it happens or nothing would be open.

Tomorrow's day was cancelled I just heard on Ch 7

You have hit the nail on the head Larry, spot on, as usual.

Mzzz Piggy in overdrive this week. First her totally fucked up rail service without drivers. She was screaming "I want answers.....I want answers......blah....blah.". Now big noting her Gigantic Bulk waddling around at Dreamworld still screaming....." I want answers......I want answers......blah.....blah........". Of course now Queenslanders are screaming we want answers......Mzzz Piggy WTF are you doing fucking up the State.

Amusement parks have always had an element of danger.

Very good War movie on TV Tonight 7 @ 9.00 . FURY . Brad Pitt. incredibly real. One scene where the Tank , FURY , takes on dug in Woffen SS Troops is brilliant , even have the correct coloured Tracer for both sides. I record it from 9 and start watching at 10.30 and cut out the adds.