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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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I'd cuk u

Keeps the flies off the bride ....

That hole looks big enough to take both Turds. Waste not - want not ..

A very frank comment by Tony Abbott regarding 18c Take an issue that’s quite rightly exercised many here: section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act that prohibits what might “offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate” on racial grounds. This is a troubling law. At its worst, it limits free speech merely to prevent hurt feelings. John Howard opposed it when Paul Keating introduced it, but didn’t repeal it in government. After the successful prosecution of Andrew Bolt, I promised to “repeal it in its current form” but reneged after fierce criticism from Liberal premiers and a wall of opposition in the Senate. As well, I was seeking ways to limit jihadi hate preachers and worried about the appearance of double standards. Perhaps the cause of free speech would have fared better if my government’s initial bid had been merely to drop “offend” and “insult” while leaving prohibitions on the more serious harms. Still, as things stand, there’s no real prospect of change—even though several young Queenslanders are now facing official persecution merely for questioning reverse discrimination on social media and the Race Discrimination Commissioner is now itching to prosecute our best-known cartoonist. The decency and fair-mindedness of the Australian people will always be a better defence against hate speech than a law administered by ideological partisans—yet our parliament prefers to tolerate over-the-top prosecutions than to upset thin-skinned activists

I have never understood Tony Abbott for not ridding the country of all the shit that Krudd and the Red Witch put in place within a month of winning the election. Didn't he watch the old Dr Who (the good ones, not the absolute shit they offer us today) he could have been a Dalek for a month screaming "Exterminate.....Extermiate........"

Simple Solution.......nearest lamp post and a length of rope.........someone will know the how....

I have no desire to offend the Australian HRC but (Redacted, may be offensive) and, in addition to that fact (Redacted, may be insulting) I also believe the (Redacted, may be racist) who started the whole thing should be (Redacted, may be intimidating) therefore I suggest that we should, in no un-certain terms (Redacted, may be humiliating) but, that's only my opinion ... I'd love to hear yours.

Another Gillard time bomb ! Why didn't TA clean up this trash and the ABC ? It could not have backfired worse if he had !

Yep. The flies know what's rotten!

Vindictive spiteful bureaucrat who thinks she can say and do what ever she likes, on our taxes. If Turnbull doesn't have the backbone right now to sack her via the Governor General, then he needs to be sacked. How ridiculous is this matter - both overpaid useless bureaucrats. Tony Abbott ignored her (another Gillard time bomb) - what does MT do? Has morning tea with her. Both despicable people.

Triggs is a clinically certifiable psychopath. Who else would leave a disabled daughter to die!

Yeah , no , I just love it !!!

Oh...How I wish!!

Got it. The walking corpse should be in the pit.

Polly Waffle is probably correct that burying S18c will not creat one more job. However, it will get a few Labor Lawyers off the taxpayer funded gravy train.

What a bitch that personage is! Heart as cold as stone and no care for anyone. Is THAT the prerequisite for HUMAN RIGHTS? You can throw in LIES too. Sack the F***** BITCH!

Is that the same Triggs that saw armed guards where there were none and a pool fence and thought it was a prison? Dig the hole deeper so we can fit in more leftie delusionals. Hanson-Young is one that comes to mind.

Is that hole big enough for her?