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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



A lot of sheeple are influenced by the piranha press.

Saddler once again your comprehension is shown to be lacking. Trump was making a hypothetical statement that stars can get away with these things, which is very likely true. He didnt do any of it. You really are desperate arent you? Maybe you could look at facts of how Hillary attacked women for reporting having been raped by the pervert that she wants back in the White House. One person makes hypothetical comments about women and the other makes overt actions persecuting women to conceal crimes. I love your lack of moral compass.

Saddler, FGS, man up - grow a pair. FCS!!

What we ought be concerned about is that the Trump audio tape was obtained illegally, and made public illegally. It was a PRIVATE conversation, made by a private citizen. Try taping someone you're in private conversation with, without their knowledge in this country; the AFP would be on your doorstep if you then attempted to use that secretly taped private conversation in any circumstance, as it is an offence under federal law.

So it's okay for Bill Clinton to physically rape and have sexual relations with numerous women whilst he is POTUS. It's also okay for Hillary Clinton to label Bill's victims as bimbos and trailer trash and threaten them legally and violently.
But it's not okay for Donald Trump to make suggestive comments (words) about attractive women?
It's funny how women were allowed to make such comments about men in that popular series "Sex in the City" and many other Hollywood productions allowed men and women to make lewd and comments about the other sex, but it is definitely a complete sin against mankind when Donald Trump does it?
Go figure.

How many babies has Saddler raped? We'll never know because there is no video evidence.
Same logic.

Die Nero is off my Christmas Card list. 100:1 he and his supporting poster would NOT DARE make such criticisms about Bill or Hillary of he/they would have a fatal accident very quickly! Democracy at it's best and Free (hate) speech!!?? at it's worst!? More like Paid Advertising / Comments !!! Also! I ask these ballsy hyenas to make similar comments. about ANY Muslim leader or preacher !! Reckon they will NEVER live down their evel comments and just might choke on them when DT wins!

@ Saddler are you a person or just a brain dead idiot ?REMOVE the grip , or being politically correct remove the rubber prothesis AKA DILDO

Why should Trump be held publicly accountable for what he said privately towards two others who were on the same page . Why aren't the press destroying them as well seeing they spoke the same language as they did ?

Comparing what Trump said in a private conversation about an attractive woman (who could have been holding her pet cat?) some 11 years ago, with the indiscretions of Labor's best and fairest, is a bit of a stretch, don't you think, Saddler?

Allah, p*ss be upon him?

Thank Allah for Saddler's opinion !

Saddler, so, what do you think about Billy Big Boob's past indescretions? Or Jooooolia's colourful past? And those Labor MPs who are now (or were about to be) convicted p3dophiles? Orkopolous, Wright (Collins dec'd) et al?

Oh, Saddler, Saddler!!!

You've nailed it perfectly Larry. Stay well.

Unlike Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, at least Trump hasn't been found responsible for getting anybody killed in Benghazi, right?; and then while under questioning by media on the Benghazi attacks, dismissed those deaths like they didn't matter?

Saddler you are a sad little individual. you are so set on being against anyone not buying the new world order BS that you forget to hear the real story. Trump had a private locker room BS session with a couple of guys about how he thought some woman was hot. Then when he left the private conversation he blew her a long distance air kiss. i know you wouldnt understand any of those things because it is highly unlikely that you ever managed to have a friend to talk to and certainly no woman would be interested in receiving an air kiss from a grub like you either.

Do you mean to tell me that Donald Trump has not been politically correct his entire life? I'm shocked I tell ya, shocked. .......get real, Bill Clinton is a rapist and Hillary attacked his victims when they spoke up. That is a bit more serious than some men's locker room talk.

Yep mate, he's an A grade grub. I feel for the Americans having to choose between these two candidates.

So what, JFK rooted Marilyn and more, LBJ was fucked by Vietnam, Nixon Fucked himself, Gerald Ford was just Fucked, Carter was a fucking idiot, Reagan Fucked the USSR (with out a war) , GW fucked Saddam, Bill Clinton fucked anyone, GW Bush was an idiot but never fucked up as his successor or his predecessor have Obonago fucked the USA, Hillary fucks women and Haiti and Trump fucks women (good looking ones} You choose