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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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Larry - I think you demean Pauline Hanson. She is a voice of reason in Australia and we should treasure her - there are too few like her.

Pauline's legs are much better than that Larry, you must be confusing them with Hillary's mate.

Bonds cottontails ?

Hahaha, too funny

that's a wicked streak showing, Larry!

It's more like 90% agree with her Muslim ban. The pro Muslim rats suggest we should get to know Muslims by talking to them, or go to their Mosques to understand them. Like hell, try starting up a conversation with one in a supermarket or in the street & see where it get you. Last time I said hello to a couple of Muslims coming out of a Spotlight store the male scooted off quickly looking down at the road with the poor very pregnant burka or clad woman stumbling behind him.

What most people understand about Islam is that it is social order masquerading as a religion, there is in Islam no such thing as the division or powers ieven in what is called ""moderate ""Muslim societies the support for a more Islamic rule in society is just under the surface, a large percent of Muslims agree that the Islamic law of Sharia should be more wide spread , and that it should be used over the rule of law in the non Muslim country that they are living in,even those westerners who convert say they would like to see more sharia law, that is, a religious and social doctrine they would like imposed on others , this comes from what are seemingly sensible and intelligent people, who often had the benefit of education supplied by those they as consider non believers.

oh, Pauline. Go get 'em, you good thing.
Some of my money is on you mate.

What gets me is, the reports say that Pauline, is the reason for the high percentage against the muslims.
Just can't seem to get it in their thick skulls, that the reason for being against, is because there are Muslims. Mad bastard muslims.
That the words of the "nice" muslims against the bad bastards, just do not seem to be forthcoming., are never heard, hardly ever spoken.
When a bloke in a dress tells me, that religion is OK, in particular the muslim religion. Nah, sorry, wasn't brought down in the last shower.
That there are mad 'n bad bastards out there is bad enough. But when it is turned into a religion.............................!

speaking to a young American from Utah of course a Mormon and informed him I do not believe in what his spiel is , the young bloke said being in O Z has really opened his eyes I asked him what religion Obongo was and answered Moslem also asked who he preferred trump or Clinton replied Trump so it looks like the Mormons favour the don , and not keen at all with the Clintons.

Ha ha another you beaut Larry.
The time is ripe for Pauline to take the plunge and say what we all want to hear.

Love the carpet burns cobber. Including those on the Senator's cheeks too. (Or is it just my fertile imagination?)

I wonder what the % would have been if the question was "Do you support more muslim immigration?"