The Pickering Post
Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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Bill is looking older and sicker each cartoon. His hair is grey.

We need to root out the cause of all this rorting. That means Labor and all it's cronies have to be tried, convicted, jailed, and the organisation banned. Only then can Australia even dream of economic recovery.

I am curious if slippery took money from the halal certifiers ?

Wonderful Larry! What did the Chinese want that they were happy to pay his personal expenses.


Priceless Larry, I love the big puddle of - urine?

Gee Billy's boobs are growing bigger, maybe he's a transgender?

On the subject of money, my rates for a quarter $490. A visit to the dentist , one small filling and a clean up at the front , less than a hour,$500 dollars !! on top of the previous visit for two small x rays and an inspection, $300 dollars,,no wonder many people have poor teeth,and they say that inflation is ""önly"" two percent , yeh right!

The donation came with a Chinese Halal approved Sweet and Sour Pork,,, Oh hang on ! Wouldn't that be in appropriate ? this filthy low grub needs to go. But he is entrenched in the Labor faction rort machine.

Hey Sam , i just got my rates bill, i do not want to pay it! How about it Buddy!!!

Hey Larry it seems Shorton is starting to morph into Turdball in your Toons especially with that hair and forehead. Classic. Any chance you can do a nude Shorton ? I shudder to think how is bits would look.

Don't forget that when he chaired the Senate halal enquiry he was seen to be bias in favour of it

@ T P the system of judiciary I this country is a fucking joke , IF you have enough of the 100 $ your in front , THIS is where the working mans party has committed DUTY of care to the people and unionists WHO supply the filth with money from the A C T U

Sami must have two dicks ... you can't get that stupid playing with one.

Surely Greasy Sam's credibility is now toast forever. He will never ever be able to utter the Greed word again.