The Pickering Post
Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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Don't be surprised if you see the ABC running its own candidates at the next fed election.

Only confirms what I have been saying, "the ABC MUST be sold. My greatest wish is that when Tony Abbott rises from oblivion to take his rightful place as Prime Minister again he will sell the ABC.

CLP stuffed up when in government ,just as LNP ( Fed ) are quietly doing. ABC is not to blame for showing the failures.

This is so far from the truth. Larry you have missed the mark by a long way with this 'toon. go back and do some research and get your facts right. The only reason the Libs (CLP) got voted in at the last NT election was because the Libs bribed the aboriginals in remote areas that they could have full strength beer, they would get rid of the "Banned Drinkers Register' that was started by the previous ALP and it was doing a great job of controlling all the problem alco drunks (just ask the coppers). Libs farked up massively. When Libs won they election they did not gain a single seat where normal working humans live and work, hey bribed the Abo vote. F#$%WIT CLP twits. A Lib moron filmed himself wanking and sent it to his Mistress on Facebook !! Now that is LIBERAL thinking

Love the way Larry has captured the half beleaguered, half self righteous - I told you so look on the black ALP face.

Love the caricature portrayal: An ABC employee that does know its gender!

A prelude to every election from here on will be an ABC (e.g. Four Corners) production targeting the Conservatives. They are the enemy of the ABC Communist Totalitarians.

Aboriginal Bothering Cooperative.

another failed state coming up,ready to join with Tas. and SA.

Best cartoon of the year from the real AOTY.

Nice work, LP. The pity is, it won't be the last time their activist Left ABC brings down a conservative government.
Time to flush that toilet of fake journalism into the sewer where it belongs, and save the country $1.2 billion!

I<LL betcha there was not ONE banana allowed near the polling booths.

Something concerning the deaths of children in hospitals from being issued laughing gas instead of oxygen is that these are Union controlled hospitals who demand that hospitals run their way as seen in other industries in Australia . The head of the health services Union should be jailed for negligence seeing it's their members who are supposed to be qualified and competent in carrying out their duties in our health services .

What a surprise... Wikipedia ... Michael Gunner is currently engaged to ABC journalist Kristy O'Brien. It will be his second marriage. Also I googled her name and on the ABC site with her articles is one report seeking an apology from NT Chief Minister about the detention issue -- although her name appears to covered under 'reporting team.' Hmmmmm?

Our impartial ABC, what a bloody joke they have become, it is a shame the Punchline is so painful for most Australians.

WA goes to the polls next march, watch this space for a four corners expose on something that happened 20 years ago, anything to belittle Mr Barnett. The ABC gave us KRudd, Turncoat, someone in the NT, their next trick will be giving us Mark "shit I'm boring" Mcgowan.

Excellent. What a wonderful illusion of triumph.

Brilliant, Larry.