The Pickering Post
Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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Did you know that there are starting block dunnies at the Vatican. Up on the Pope deck(aptly named) just opposite the gift shop,if i remember rightly.

Why,,,she looks just like Gough Whitlem.

Hilarious Larry! Back to the dark ages it for the idiots in Canberra.

How to remove civilization from the people.
I'm curious as to why the people who insist on this PC crap (pun intended) do not have all their toilets as holes in the ground. Getup offices? Labor offices? Greens offices? Union offices?

Then at the end of the day, they go home to their digs where they have a standard western toilet. WTF?

I had one in East Timor. The first time I used it was to pee. Next moment half a dozen East Timorese kids are peering through the window watching me. Apparently big white blokes with a moustache the size of a yard broom (I have since shaved it off) are a rarity in that part of East Timor. The next time was for a No. 2. I carefully placed my feet on the marked out foot marks and squatted. It was shortly after I found out European femurs are about 4 inched longer than the Timorese femur, which means I missed. The bloody things stink too. The squat loos that is. lol

DANGER DANGER OHS hazard. Forklift operator and dogman should be wearing safety glasses and breathing apparatus.

reminds me of komrade Gough whitless.

If the parasitic leech's don't want to use the same dunny's as us then they will have to hammer a cork up their arse .As the saying go's if you don't shit you die .It's then a win win situation for us as there won't be so many that we have to house clothe & feed .Mal-icious Turdcoat could reduce his deficit as there won't be so many at the Centerlink counter.

Geeze...........the term 'squatters' seems to have changed since I went to school!

To suit some of our more resent arrivals, the tax office should grow some trees outside the office, so people can go behind them to relive themselves.

An important thing to note about the (diminishing) use of squat toilets in China is that the Chinese who come to live here adapt to the Australian way and do not insist we provide them with squatters (or communism) here. If we need imports let it be the Chinese and not those of the prayer mat tosser type.

Now that's what you call "Takin' a Dump" !

Holey Moley!!

Brilliant, Larry. Naughty but so funny.

Tax office must be employing Somalians straight out of the jungles ...

I was in China only last month and went to the toilets in the markets and about 20 squatters were full ,must of been no water ,so when in Rome you have to do as the romans do

When I was in China in 2011 I needed to 'go' when I was at the Great Wall and the only toilets available were squat toilets. The one I went into was so filthy I won't upset your cuppa by describing it! But I backed out of there holding my breathe and had to wait until the bus took us to anther site before chancing it again. I found though that the disabled toilets had European toilets in them. Remember that if you ever go to Asia look for the disabled toilets, they even had them at the train station in Shanghai.

I was in a factory in China and I went into their toilets and they had these weird squatter type things.. I saw the nastiest skid mark I had ever seen in my life on one of them. They obviously did not have a good flush system.