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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Hurry up Pauline Get rid of all these Donky Fuckers

Another online Poll from the US on the presidential race. The Donald again has over 70% of the poll. Its not geoblocked so feel free to add your vote. He is going to kick her sorry ass all the way to the Rio Grande.

Maybe the mussos are being used by CIA/Mossed to blame for these staged atrocities, to scare us. (mostly staged with actors).

Take a look at this US online poll for the upcoming elections. The Donald has 71 % and hillary is lucky to have 10%. Its not geoblocked so feel free too add to the trump train

Strange that IBM got the contract to computerize the Census seeing they rooted the Qld Health computer upgrade for their payroll system .Why would the boss of the Census mob be worth $700,000 per year ?

Many athletes were eliminated in training.

I actually almost feel sorry for those stupid suicide bombers thinking they will have their way with 72 virgins in 'paradise.' Duh, you muzzie idiots you won't have the where-with-all to be having your way you 'pricks,' as you won't have one! When we are dead our body is left behind to rot and turn to dust but our spirit goes to the next world and we won't have a human body then but a spiritual one. It says so in the Holy Bible but I know it for a fact because I died after major surgery and went through the tunnel to the bright light and I could see backwards to my body in ICU & forward to Heaven & I had no body as such as I was in a white spirit form without arms or legs or trunk, but I could see, hear, think & feel. It was a wonderful peaceful place to be in. I hated being brought back.

Brilliant, very punny!! for those who haven't spotted it say his name quickly .....!

The Pakistan security and large bits of the army actively supported the Islamics for several decades, and many still do, the reward for that was political assasinations and the bombing of civilians, this is the reward for that support, one of their nuclear scientists has , with the coop of Iran and North Korea and others has spread the nuclear weapons knowledge to the islamic world Pakistan, and India are both armed to the teeth with "",the bomb""and both very unstable societies. Ejada is correct . in islam there are allowed no other religions, I believe that even so called ""moderate"" Muslims will vote for Islam , and in time turn the political system to their advantage,and against the norms of western democracies.

Another ripper cartoon Larry

I hope this spurs them on. Many Muslims have already left or have been deported..

Google "'China makes a major move against Muslims" They started this in mid 2015.

More bombings in Pakistan - 12 premature babies killed - and many others. These disgusting people know no bounds - sick.

Is there any beach sand in Holland for their Olympic team to play in ?

Murderous Muslim bastards have plunged deep into the sewer with the bombing of a Pakistan hospital killing 75 and injuring many more. Surely their own Muslim brethren must realise their cult leaders who control and enpower all Muslim terrorists have sunk to the depths of depravity with this act that has slaughtered doctors, nurses and other hospital staff along with the targeted lawyers and media people attending the viewing of a slain lawyer. The terrorists claim they will continue their murderous attacks in Pakistan until it is totally Islamic. Yes, the "religion" of peace's conversion technique: submit to Islam or die!.

Here is a thought ; If Kevin get's the UN gig would he flood Australia with Muslims as he did when he was PM ?

The Chinese will be doing big business with the Paki's and Afghani's and another muslim country somewhere there and they won't take to kindly to interruptions from terror groups who want to interrupt Chinese investments seeing they have just started a security pact with the Muslim countries to stop Chinese Muslims using those countries as sanctuary and gun supplies against the same China who wants to do business with these Muslims who want them dead seeing Communist China is a dead set infidel of the highest order .

I guess, with no competitors, Muslims will claim all medals Gold for 50 dead, Sliver 30 & bronze 15 . Don't forget to add the 72 virgins upstairs !

All awarded posthumously.

How do they rate many innocent people they blew up and maimed? I can't get over how quick after a bombing they declare, 56 dead and 76 injured....who counts so quickly and how can they tell from such a devastaing scene?