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Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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The left breathes a sigh of relief - teenager responsible for latest shooting in Germany turns out to be a mental health patient. Even better, they seem to be relieved that he was a bullied loner obsessed with shooting spress. Loads of emphasis on the Anders Breivik 'link'. Completely ignores the fact that ISIS couldn't be happier and has seized on the attacks to boast about how it's caliphite is expanding and how Europe, the whore, will be brought under its rule. Also refuse to examine why an 18 year old German from an Iranian family might get bullied at school, go on a shooting spree and be heard to yell "Fuck foreigners!" and "Allahu Akbar!" during his rampage.

A few things spring to mind -

1. Lad lived in a welfare part of town.
2. Plenty of Iranian refugees from the 1990s living in Germany. From what friends over there tell me, those people on the whole have refused to intergrate with the rest of Germany. Consequently, any friends they have are Iranian.
3. The latest waves of Rapeugees and terrorists swarming over the border for the last few years. Yep, kids can be cruel - especially when you are that weird loner kid that happens to be of the same or similar race/faith to a group of rapists and murderers. But when they're made to feel that being born Australian/German/English or French makes them personally responsible for the bad behaviour of the guests in their country, don't be at all suprised if they pick on that lone target even more.
4. Lad was percieved to be socially awkward and lazy by classmates and neighbours. Arguable that this shows he wasn't properly intergrated with German culture.

Seems to me that when you have a good hard look at it, European-style multiculturism (complete with its socialist and welfare aspects) is as much to blame with this incident as it is with any other terrorist attack that occurs on European soil. But, hey we can breathe easy that this wasn't a Muslim terror attack, rather one by a right wing conservative (he would be if his family is Muslim) mental patient, who may or may not be Muslim and an ultra-nationalist.

Seeing US President Barry O'Bama is a full blown Muslim Imam why isn't his missus wearing a burqa and why isn't she at home keeping Barry's house in order breeding jihadists seeing in Islam a wife is her husbands slave ?

Methodists are the most bloodthirsty Muslims of them all!

How come Hare Krishna never get the blame ?

On the TV tonight there was a story about Sudanese complaining of persecution and lack of justice in "their homeland" so it was said and these people in the story give the impression they are well off by the clothes they wear and their english language spoken and that there is a banker in their family so I am wondering if these darkies who came to Australia are of the same mob who came here as penniless refugees or could they have become refugees to acquire residency if they could not afford our entry affordability rate of about 90 thousand dollars per year as it is with white Kiwi's at this moment ? (It should be 10 times more for the Kiwi's ).

Angie baby your a special lady. Living in a world of make believe. Thats how I see it.

I wonder what colour Obongo turns when that turk and Vlad even up for starting another arab spring in turkey , No news whether the turks have returned those 90 Nukes

Cartoon of Merkel hanging off a meat hook ... a German specialty

I am a Presbyterians and I have not shoot anyone yet

Actually,I reckon that they are Calathumpian Bush-Baptists, but don't quote me, I could be wrong.


I thought it was the Presbyterians?

Nailed it Larry. Today enjoy precious time with your family.

Those pesky Methodists are at it again.