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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Barnaby is a Hoss Cartright.

I love your take on Barnaby, Larry. It's the hat that does it.

Barnaby in bed with Turnbull, maybe, but Barnaby would be cautious enough not to get under the covers with him. Well, I hope not.

Love Turtle under the bed! Always an onlooker -never a player.

Yes and also include the ABC!!

Well done, a picture paints a thousand words!! I am glad you included that loud mouthed, ignorant, self important Lambie!! You could add GetUp in that bed too!! They helped Shortarse immensely! Also Windsock and Oakshitt! They were recipients of Union funding, lets not forget the mad hatter Katter either. Is Bill going to explain in detail the deals cut with those people in return for union members money?? Don't forget we are stil to be informed of that deal between Bob Brown and Gillard in 2010, that kept her in Government, making her Bob Browns Bitch!!

And yet, somehow in some way that thoroughly escapes me, Uncle Mal not only gave that lot a decent shot at being elected to governement, he also made Bill Shorten look trustworthy. I tell ya, that takes a special kind of genius... Either that, or the ALPBC dirt squad has some really nasty stuff on Turnbull that he doesn't want leaked to the public.

Barnaby isn'r pink enough.

I spotted the dildo.

I thought it was a potty under the bed.

It would be interesting reading who is rooting who in the ALP Swingers Club these days and I'll bet two vanilla slices Madam'e Gillard is their Madam seeing she set the benchmark for what can be achieved between the sheets .

A picture tells a thousand words. Thanks again, Larry.

You're a bit hard of poor old Barnaby.

that female ??? with the bun and a dash of non reflective would have to be the new alp member and that sketch of that T/B denatale is a ringer.

Theyr'e too lazy to empty the spitoon

I gather that is a spittoon under the bed that Bowen is heading towards!


Are they "purple" happy balls?

Got it in one Larry! But who's holding the dildo? Gillard? [Funny ha, ha, my spell check wanted "Dillard' for Gillard - I guess it must know her personally!]

What ever pills they have you on Larry, they are certainly giving you the capacity to draw cartoons that are hard hitting. Love it.