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Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



The NWO won't let this happen unless it's been planned.

Very interesting "K" fits the NWO plan to kill all but 500,000 selected by them for mostly (slaves) The perpetrators need safe havens. The question is how soon will they engineer WW3 or will their geo engineering of the climate destroy the planet first?


Why are the blowies at either end of the coffin and not flying all over it as they would in real life ?

Because the UK can't get out of the EU for a couple more years does the UK still have to pay the EU their membership fee's of about 90million quid each year until they are on their own ?

Now that is done they can start getting rid of climate bullshit and the UN,the same thing really.

Reckon on Germany following on the same way now. Angela Merkel will loose out now that the second greatest "donor" to the EU's sponsorship to deadbeat countries has stepped out. Germany is buckling under its migrant load and can't afford to put any more weight against the EU charity wheel.

Got your wish.....Can you do the same for Merkel and go for the Quinella.

Don't worry Larry, the POMS really came through. Big brexit win!

The Poms ruled the World , not so long ago ! They had the guts and determination to beat the shit out of aggressors in 2 World Wars. Are the Poms like Zanettie's latest cartoon or do they have the guts and drive of Boris Johnson ? Trump , Johnson ,Putin and Bernardi - is it possible ?

Wait.... I hear a pulse..Open the box.

I think the UK is rising from the ashes of the European Union. I predict an avalanche of countries scramblimg to get out of this mess and regain their own sovereignty. Yay! for the UK!

Just got an email stating that Britain has elected to LEAVE!!!! You bloody bewdy! I reckon more countries will pull the plug on the socialist bastards now.

Time to put pencil to paper Laz and crank out a new cartoon. But I still think that the UK is rooted.

With the UK referendum counting under way no mention is made of the elephant in the room , ie the mass migration of non brits into the uk especially in Londinistan,over the last few decades, it is obvious that the majority will vote to stay in the eu, especially those from the sub continent and i suspect the muslim vote will be a ""block ""vote to stay, the reasons for that are easy to see, , the establishment are all gloom and doom over a brexit win, to paraphase Christine Keeler said ""they would say that wouldnt they""the EU needs the brits more than the opposit , they are worried that if the uk leaves then others will do the same and th socialist super state of europe will end

Brilliant cartoon. If Britian votes to remain the UK is dead. If Britian votes to leave the remain camp is dead.

.....the battle lines are being drawn , Commonwealth nations v's Catholic Europe in the coming war over Jerusalem......

Early days but leave is just ahead.

If they are stupid enough to stay in the EU that is EXACTLY where England will be within 10 years. Englandistan.

You can't be serious.