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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



I think it was e.e. Cummings who wrote: "a politician is an ass upon which everyone ha sat except a man"

Kilwarren. Good ones! A few I will be using now - my thanks.

Whoops. Turns out the Libs candidate for Calwell, a man passionate about small business, owns a brothel (or two). Well, I suppose it's a good thing Calwell is a safe Labor seat. It also explains his 'passion' for small business. And lastly, has he thought about changing parties to Labor? Albo, for starters, might be interested in some 'mates rates'. Could be good for business.

There is talk in the Press of 70,000 year old hobbit bones being found in Indonesia so the scientific mob are getting all excited but what they forget to inform us is that they found the remains about 15 years ago and that made the Press then big time then .

I[m just a POOR MUG TAXPAYER who is going to have to fund all of your promises. Meanwhile you live the life of LUXURY.

If it wasn't bad enough to hear that idiot Tony Windsor announce his intention to run for Parliament again, this morning I read where his imbecilic mate Oakeshott is also re-nominating. Hopefully the good people in their electorates will have the sense to ignore them at the ballot box, we don't need any more clowns in what is now an already overcrowded circus. What we need is a new Ring Master.

Is Bill flashing there Larry? Huge!

Fortunately we don't have to vote for either Turnbull or Shorten in our new Greece. There are other candidates to choose from even though the level of competence in politics is questionable. Definitely the ALA in the Senate.

Why don't we just make a good job of putting Turncoat back in ! Then he can be rolled . But a Shortrapist gov. could not be rolled. Australia = Greece !

In the Advertiser, Terry McCrann, "" labours 10 year plan for Australia is 32 pages of mush"" ""Bowen put his name and his reputation (debatable ?)" to this two tiered nonscence "",. ""The labour plan takes the existing failures of the Gillard /Rudd years and proposes to make it worse by increasing the spending and creating bigger deficits in the future"" Thats Terry McCrann speaking, and a spot on commentary i would think.

How much advertising revenue do you reckon Rupert will make out of this election ?

The only thing to say about that lot is that Shitten's mum was the only one with a brain in the whole sorry saga. At least she was smart enough to get out before the rapist could have a go at her

o me miserum

Fancy being 'in the trenches' with these WIMPS!?

Not only do we poor buggers have to vote for you incompetent lot of wingers but we also have to pay for you in Office and keep you in luxury when you leave. Time for all poor buggers to revolt!

My family was more dysfunctional than your family . . . Nyaaa!!! . . .

What a bunch of slimey rats are in parliament, here is a bit from Michael Smith's site

Well, look. We could have had a Hillary. Or as one scholarly P Poster possessing a command of Latin puts it....'Cunnilingus Clinton'. (Which incidentally, implies perhaps the nicest thing about her.)

Larry, perfect summary of the choice voters have at the coming election - zilch & zilcher! Thank heavens ALA is fielding some candidates in the House of Reps. We must all vote for ALA in the Senate.