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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



wonder if Turncoat and Shortonbrains agree that "he who throws dirt loses ground" - there will be plenty of dirt (or mud) thrown around in campaigning thru to 2 July by both sides of the left

So it's only okay for leftists and socialists to throw mud? Being nice has shown that conservatives will lose again and again as the leftist/liberal/socialists resort to political mudslinging and political violence. That's what makes Trump different. He gives as good as he gets, straight from the hip.

Good one. The tree should be a tad taller, he's throwing from a greater height, which I assume is at the core of the message. Problem is Hildegarde Crinton is being protected by the AG and Justice Dept...all Democrat appointments...just like here where most judiciary and senior bureacrats are Labor loving appointees...that's why the system is doing stuff all to prosecute Gillard, Shorten, et al.....or remove the likes of Triggs and abolish the ABC/SBS, etc...

Why does the MSM totally REFUSE, to A/ Acknowledge Trump's popularity, and B/ Accept the reason for it? The MSM are only one step away from alienating the silent majority who are; completely sick of PC and distorted and biased reporting. If trump gets up the a tidal wave is likely in the West... GO TRUMP!!

Not unless that person is throwing someone else's dirt .

You have to fight fire with fire and dirt with dirt, and when Clinton wins the Democrat nomination, shit with shit. McCain and then Romney lacked the cojones to go after Obama who has nearly destroyed America. Go the Donald, the only hope left.

I still wonder if Trump is only running to show how shitty the whole system is.Do you really think he wants the gig or is he just proving he could have it if he wanted.

True Lazza. Trumpy's walking a fine line. Fingers crossed that he'll find just the right words for Killary Strapton.

LP Australia needs a good dose of Trump to straighten up the place. As we now stand we have two major parties and both socialist in ideology. No longer do we have a conservative voice in Canberra. Outside of the two major parties we have the Greens who are only interested in destroying our culture and the economy. Then there is the rabble independents elected on a few handfuls of votes to become a Senator. Some years ago Pauling Hanson came along with ideas similar to Trump but did not have the money to push the ideas. However, many in the conservative and labour baskets saw merit in what she was saying but the big parties blocked her.

Looking at the picture - Exchange Trumpy for the Australian people . We would be sitting on what's left of Australia after the socialists have finished selling out Australia from under our feet. S.F.A ..On ya scum scmo.

Better had you drawn Cruz

Very clever concept and drawing.

This is strange one for you Larry. A few days ago you were supporting Trump. I have watched many rallies and interviews by Trump, and no where has he said anything untrue. Who gets to decide if it is "throwing dirt" or "throwing truth"? His audiences, millions of them, are clean, well behaved people.

Very profound Larry
Reading a newspaper article the comparison with Kyle Sandilands struck me.

Good one Larry.