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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



I have never seen or have I ever heard of a blacksmith with a goatfucking background , must be a slave.

My wife and a good friend were going to Europe later this year,but they may be staying in Aus.the way things are going.

bazz & Cas.............It appears the original thread has been deleted. I will delete mine in an hour or 2. may have been a change of mind or something. Cheers.

They are not as dumb as some punters believe as they are streets ahead of our dumb and dumber politicians in Australia and the rest of the world, especially Germany. One heads up Australia Post on ransom wages, others have high profile jobs. Muslims make up a tiny number in our military and we have installed a cleric to help this minority grow and prosper and also have an Islamic spokeswoman in the Australian Navy who expresses anti Australian values and has been given a reasonable high rank as a soapbox to continue her diatribe against the likes of Tony Abbott and Australian values. We are a fuckin joke! Kick these incompetent incumbent politicians out and replace them with people who have Australias best interests at heart.

Yes, and these brainless numb nuts take Allah at his word.

I think your'e giving them to much credit for the ability to think .I believe it is more automatic reaction with no brain power involved '

Did anybody else notice the comment on ABs blog about the tensions between Turkey and the EU Turkey wants to become a EU member which would allow the people of Turkey and also Bosnia,to travel and settle anywhere in Europe, There are 78 MILLION people in Turkey and Bosnia !!!,now the majority will not go anywhere but even if ten or fifteen million move to Europe it will be a disaster for those countries add in the remittance industry where money is sent back to support families which amounts to billions yearly already , and we can see what a drain such a thing would be on the euro states, and i might add , all this on top of their current massive problems with unwanted refugees .The Schengen plan is a monumental disaster for Europe.


I meant forge!

Gorge, by another meaning as well: taqya etc.

How true.