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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



If Turncoat ran as fast as that, he would have a heart attack. TA was the healthy, fit PM.

All Turdball has done is give Shitten the opportunity to say he was responsible for getting Turdball to change his mind

He would have been better dressed in a tutu. Didn't listen to any news today but has he said he and his mother will be spending a week in an Abo settlement in a specially built germ proof building and wearing a gas mask for the entire time? Great that you're back Larry!!

This bastard only adds to the disrespect people have for politicians, Now he has slipped one into Morrison too!

So much is said of Turnbull being the biggest prick in the land for stealing the Prime Ministership off Abbott but how was it that we all complained (78.55%) of Abbott not doing anything constructive and his speaking skills ( UMM ! ) were not up to scratch for that of a PM ; Could ye not see that Turnbull had to remove Abbott for the life of the LNP other wise Billy Shorten would have been a lot shorter in the polls to the keys of the Lodge and it's not as though Turnbull screwed Abbott because he kept most of his policy which in itself is the mark of high respect for the man .

Election stunt...pull out the GST, then bin it, and call yourself a hero. Fancy footwork wont cut it Malcolm.

Good work, PaulZ.

OFGS - Bring back our real PM. Tony Abbott our country needs you.

Bugger - missed the bastard ...

Paul you are a champ...

Says it all really -

Expect the ALP/Greens to increase the GST to at least 20% if they win the next election. They will claim most countries have a 20% GST or a tax like it, so we should follow suit.....

Do Labor and the Greens want the GST to be increased seeing they are ranting so much about it which gives me the impression they want it but they'd prefer the LNP to lose an election denying it so they can return to govern to increase it to pay for their deceitful folly . Labor screamed about rollback but did nothing about rolling anything back upon gaining office which shows they are using the same script as before .

Political Spin.

innovation Turd turning good hard working money into shit

he done a 360 their

great what a dill the Turd is

Great cartoon. Belongs in Parliament House political Cartoon Gallery.
Malcolm's probably finding out like Abbott did that not everybody is cut out to be a Leader.

Homosexual marriage hurdle up ahead.

Oh, on my last post I forgot to mention the zillions being paid to the bullshit CLIMATE CHANGE CARTEL.

Want to save money TURDBALL. Stop paying money to Syrian terrorists, stop importing ILLEGAL COUNTRY SHOPPING SYRIANS, close down Naru Isld & Mannus and ship the parasites out. Stop giving them funds to fight deportation. Stop giving them medical treatment above AUSTRALIANS. Just how much do these ILLEGALS cost the country ALL UP.