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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Obviously Malcum Mohammed Turdball, our self appointed Grand Mufti is looking for a controversial political diversion, so he has arranged for the loud mouthed brain dead, such as Bone Head Fitzsimons to throw the Republic debate back into the spot light. Fitzsimons should appreciate the fact, that even Idiots like him can be useful.

Typical of the Republicans.

A typical. spoilt child!

Speaking of football players, more specifically their wives, Mrs Fitzsimmons acting outraged on the telly this morning over Mitchell Pearce's antics - particularly the disgraceful (her word) bit where he tries to kiss a woman who identifies as homosexual. Mrs Fitz gets corrected that it's not known if the woman is homosexual or was just saying it to get Pearce off her. Mrs Fitz huffs and puffs some more. Two things come to my mind -

1. Boy , oh boy, is Mrs Fitz naive if she thinks Mr Fitz and his mates were well behaved gentlemen back in their heyday.
2. Why does nobody ever bring up the other issues that comes with people who feel the need to whip out their cameras and film anything they think the media will pay good money for. This bit of news broke on ACA. Now one would think that if the offended party was that concerned about Pearces behaviour, the police would have been called instead. Or if she was that upset about her couch, then why not give Pearce a call in the morning and demand he pay for the cleaning costs? Instead she calls ACA and brokers a deal to invade his privacy and stuff up his career...

Got it in one... thanks Paul!

Jack, even a piece of shit is better than Fitzsimons.

Another lefty loony looking for a cause. God help us if that idiot gains any traction with the walking dead (y'know like the idiots who voted for Palmer).

I see a Rope. I see a Soap Box. I see a robust tree bough at just the right height.
Great work PaulZ.

Iceberg:: TurdBall has first pick at playing President. This halfwit seriously believes he was born to rule.


It looks like he is sharing some of the dog's flees, or could they be head lice under that bandana?

Someone should tell him, "No hat, no play". He should be more worried about skin cancer.

What the red bandana is yeally about..." Look at moi, look at moi, look at moi." Being a left wing nutcase is bad enough but standing on a soap box and advertising this lunacy is another. This unfortunate motor mouth character mistakenly believes that he has something to offer us.

Good cartoon Paul. This red isn't hiding under the bed. He is advertising his faulty Communist ideology from the top of a soap box.

The red hankie gives him away, spruiking his Communist views from the top of a soap box.

PZ has it down to a fine art. Note that the big mouth is a major feature.

Paul Zanetti, unreal, nailed him in one!

All that football has damaged his head, fuckwit

red the colour code for scatology.

Who's this clown?