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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Honest Johnny Howard has got a lot to answer for ,seeing he donated Australians to the Bush W Bush invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan that has led to what is happening now in Australia and the rest of the world .

Re cartoons, Turnbull is correct in saying the locals need to stand up and be counted in Europe and the Middle East and stop bludging on the USA and Australia.

Very appropriate Paul, thank you. I note that Lord Wenthworth's solution is "...the right boots, on the ground...". Maybe some of your next images of his lordship might show him wearing only "right boots" on his feet to highlight his genius of a solution!!! You may recall from the satirical movie "Best in Show" Eugene Levy's hapless character had two left or right shoes (can't remember which) to add to the absurdity of the plot...

Again, love it.

Bloody useless Taliban -

Lord Wentworth clearly isn't listening to what the troops on the ground have to say about the local army and it's 'will to fight'. If IS wasn't a threat, we'd be right to leave them to lie in the bed they've made for themselves since Saddam was overthrown.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull calls on Europe to step up fight against IS during visit to Australian troops in Iraq.

Scroll down to the 4th photo of Turnbull and the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. Note the two hands of the islamist completely wrapped around Turncoat's. That is most certainly NOT a business hand shake. What is in store for us here in Australia? These are the islamists who REFUSE to take their own kind as refugees and send them off to invade the Western Democracies. This photo is telling us a dark, scary, ominous story. We must fill in the text ourselves, because we can be absolutely certain that Turncoat will not tell us the direction in which he wants to drag us all kicking and screaming.

He is trying to channel TA, but MT only comes out with this outrageous slur against the Europeans, .... he has no idea.

Stop saying: "It's time to do something" and Bloody well do something!!!

Out of his depth and now frothing at the mouth that Obama is going to treat him in away never offered to any other international visitor has received. It is interesting that like failures attract each other. Obama the worst president in the history of the USA to meet with what will become the worst PM in Australia's history. Even Rudd and Gillard whilst both failures they at least tried to protect the economy and culture. Turnbull like Obama is determined to destroy both. Unfortunately it is either Shorten or Turnbull at the next election both light weights and incompetent. God please help us from these zealots.

Turncoat's performance this year ? If he called a DD , i'd back him !!

Well done Paul. You're on fire.

nothing but a fkn show pony and an arse licking raghead lover , surely there MUST be someone with an ounce of intelligence in the LNP party , ? what about Heffernan he put the strong arm on Barnaby once or has he been halalled also O/T the A L A will form a party to select candidates for the lower house , watch this space

Isn't it sad that a bunch of medieval, intellectually and evolutionary retarded savages whose only claim to fame is the extent of their barbarity can hold the free world to ransom with threats of racism, bigotry and an AK47 ( they stole the weapons as their skill sets are throwing rocks); it demonstrates how weak we have become. Genuine leaders would place travel, aid, weapons and trade sanctions on these misfits while bombing them back to the Stone Age, and at the end of the first month the world would return to normal. We are in this situation because Western nations elected Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Turnbull (yes, I know) etc. all of whom would be flat out getting a job at the Blue Oyster Bar in the real world. Pray for leadership and get duds, Islamic sympathisers and the naïve.

What a disappointment Turdbull is,Fits in well with Bishop. Glory help us all

At least he's not punching above his weight. Fits in well with Europe's rock-ers.

Mr Magoo, gurgle gurgle!

Photo bombing.