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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Lord Malcolm of Wentworth is a Brain Dead Wanker, some one take a walk with him!

It is a worry

I want to know why the western world allows the bloodsucking Muslims to play the victim card ?

Must print this off and pin it to the office wall.

Nailed it!

it would be funny if it wasn't/isn't so bloody true!! What these self aggrandising half back flankers will do to appease the bludging islamists is beyond belief or acceptance.

Superb cartoon Paul but you left SHY out.

Excellent stuff Paul. Seems typical of our un-elected Prime Ministers ... give Australia away as often as is possible and however possible.

Said it all, Paul, and the depiction of those two self-satisfied muslims is superb.

It's the sniveling Uriah Heeps running this country. No backbone to any of them.

Why is it that Malcolm Turnbull reminds me of Kevin Rudd?

Turnbull was willing to knife his boss to further his own ends and those of his Banking Sponsors. He is nothing but a puppet to them, and his new found cashed up Islamic bothers who will promise him safe passage for his 30 pieces of Silver. Traitor by Nature to Australian Values and it's long term safety. Bring on the ALA.

So accurate. God help Australia.

Paul forgot to add some American-hating lefties to the picture. First Lord Wentworth shows some balls to the American Aggressor. Then he shows them again, positioning himself to be possibly the first head of government anywhere to openly attend a gay and lesbian parade. Even Merkel, who he seems determined to follow into Islamic assimilation, hasn't ever attended one. In fact the gays have decided her party's float isn't welcome since she won't budge and legalise gay marriage for them. S'all right though, Uncle Mal will happily show them his balls when it comes to this and any other leftie cause. (Someone needs to tell Uncle Mal and the lefties that there won't be any gay marrying under sharia law. Under sharia, it'll be straight to the honeymoon suite and over the balcony)

Well put : -)

too bad its true...

If the retards who think we should not think about putting " boots on the ground" get off your arse and read Crossroad by Cpl Mark Donaldson VC. These are the guys who we put our country's interest's in perspective. I challenge you all. You might learn something about reality.

Consulting his advisors, not likely, the deceitful, scheming, egocentric Turncoat is consulting himself on his mobile mirror app.

Nailed it PZ. A couple of prospective candidates for safe Liberal seats? . . .

This Turncoat is a leftie, dressed in blue. I'm surprised, and totally disgusted that he actually got to be PM. This one decision is enough to tell me that I'm correct. In fact, he is actually very similar to Osama-Obama, he talks using the same mindless platitudes that that yank prick does. We are well and truely stuffed