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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Missing you Larry. Hope it all went well.

Love it.

Yes , Where are you TiM!! we are waiting , waiting, waiting,and no mention of ""Global Warming"" from the ABC!

I hope you are well Larry, we need you back, Cheers.

Are you back Larry, or is this an oldie but a goody?

The picture reminds me, with Newcastle once again flooded......where is that absolute charlatan, Tim Flannery aka Tom Foolery who told us all, authoritatively, that NSW and SEQ would be in a state of permanent terminal drought?

Hi Larry, looking through the IX press , the uk paper, and guess what , and you could not make this up, A labour MP has suggested that the government set up training places (academies , trade schools) to teach the unemployed to be builders! What an amazing idea!curb immigration, ie the Schengen rule , ie free entry to EU citizens an others, and train and employ brit people to build houses for brit people who do not have a home,this is such a radical idea!! but where did this idea come from you ask, well he could try asking the millions of working people in many countries who have been railroaded on to welfare because the politicians worship at the gate of political correctness and an unwillingness to stop an invasion of unemployable country shoppers.

Granny43. Yes it does work. A work colleague tried it after waiting 45 minutes on hold to a government department. He eventually hung up, redialed and when asked if he was indigenious he said 'yes' and was put straight through.

Juliar Gillard and Hillary Clinton have a great deal in common .

Hope all is well with you Larry!

Hello out there. Is anybody else having trouble clicking back to the news dropdown box after using the cartoon one? I haven't been able to connect to the news for two days.

These seem to be repeats.

Revealing his resignation, Mr Briggs said his behavior had not met the “particularly high standards required of ministers”. Required; but oh so rarely practiced.....

Everything back the way it should be - Pollies turn up after the hard yakka for the photo-op handshake and pat on the back. Just like Kruddy and Gillard did.

Wonder what Lord Wentworth would have done if Tony's crew was in the area... It would have been a marvellous contrast between the PM we had and the PM we have. Ah well, probably for the best he's gone. It doesn't upset the leftards who feel that a pollie who's not afraid to get off his bum and pitch in is some how an affront to their delicate sensibilities and hard earned disability payments (on account of being to mentally fragile to work anywhere they might be told what to do and how to do it).

Good thinking - That's the way to improve your status in Australia. Allahu Akbarrrrrrrrrrrrr! Good to see you back, Larry. Everyone here missed you. Have a wonderful New Year 2016!

Very funny Larry. Best wishes to you for the coming year and in keeping the b.....s honest.

all very best to you Larry, and may the new year be a good one for you and your family

All the very best for 2016, Larry. Your work keeps me sane.

All the best for your time ahead Larry - we have all been thinking of you - your work is so important to present the real position on so many national interest matters

Glad to see you back - serves two purposes your cartoon - climate change Joke and illegals.