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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



People would much rather be lied to about something they want to believe than be made to face reality. Come down to cowardice really.

Merry Christmas Paul

Heard on the EhBC this morning (the announcer sounding a little breathless at the enormity of what she was reporting) that today marks 100 days of the WWW as "our" PeeM.

Photo says it all doesn't it?

Seems 'Her Grace' has a lot in common with her medieval namesakes when it comes to indulgences and inquisitions...

I've changed my mind--- It has to be Sir Prance-a-Lot.

The Great Pollywaffle.

i have voted liberal for 50 years now...but no more ...this clown running the show is the greatest showpony of all times ,how anyone could prefer him to TA is beyond me...this ...whatever he is will be the rock we finally perish on...with his stupid beliefs of these ragheads ???? how can he be so supposedly smart yet be so dumb?i mean the whole average person knows what is happening...good god today i hear we are banning xmas caroles as from jan ist 2016WTF

For a man who goes under the banner of "The Great Communicator", he's turning out to be a whole load of waffle!

Says it all really.

My thoughts exactly. I fear a Turnbull victory. I want him to lose. He deserves to lose and be consigned to the garbage bin of history. He is a parasite, or a Klepto parasite as a PP cleverly stated. He and his cohorts and his suckhole media mates need to be taught a lesson.

Parliamentarians are not elected to be silenced. We vote them in. Calling terrorism for what it is, does not have to be dis-respectful.

Can anyone imagine what this country would be left with if Turnbull wins the next election. My vote has gone from the Liberals in the lower house and to ALA in the Senate. At a time when we need strong and steady leadership we get light and fluffy, we have an unelected pm prancing on the world stage, totally out of his depth and looking lost while not taking one bit of notice of our concerns on national security. Let's hope the self servers who backstabbed along with him get what they deserve in 2016.

check out
Why Malcolm Turnbull is a Dangerous Leftist Ideologue. All sources are either footnoted, hyperlinked or explicitly stated.

It's a shocking expose of MT and frightening to think he is our PM. It makes me really angry that with his history as detailed in above, that he was allowed anywhere near the Liberal Party. What were they thinking?
They are complicit in destroying our values and the Party by allowing this narcissist to take control!
MT has also been quoted as saying he would rather see the LP destroyed than not have him as its leader.
Says it all really.

Turnbull reminds me of Jeeves the butler in an old English drama movie ,he had an answer for everything and a temperament to match

Trust that you are traveling gently, Larry. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

turncoat is the UN man to continue their plan to destroy Aus. We've gone form a can do country to waiters.

The smirk on the face of the WWW is 'right on'... thanks Paul.

Excellent cartoon Paul, as always! I'm also very,very concerned that the ADF is busy trying to be 'inclusive' by signing up M'slime to serve in the Defense Forces. Even to the extent of having a serving female officer to double in a sort of recruiting function. I'd like to know how experienced she really is, as it seems she holds a Captain's rank aboard the navy's largest warship. This is scarcely believable. I've asked both the new Minister of Defense for a justification and the Att. Gen. as well. I'll report any response to you' all, and any LACK of response as well!

Thanks Paul - perceptive as always and cutting through to the essence of the issue. This depicts Maladministration's concept of cabinet solidarity and consultative approach on thorny issues. It makes some of TA's hair-brained ideas seem utterly rational and well thought out.

If I can't vote ALA I will vote labour. I told my local member this also Andrew Lamming.