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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.




Trump must be annoying the heck out of Obama.

The first step in enslaving and dominating a country is to disarm the population. It’s what Hitler did, is what Stalin did and what Obama intends to do. Unarmed people cannot defend and protect themselves.

Is it safe to have African people outside Africa seeing the whole continent has health issues we don't need here .

On the C ten news, Truedeau welcoming Syrian Migrants to Canada, What is the bet that they were not Muslims, and most likely professionals of some sort, Notice how they pick the most photgenic people to front, the media, of course many people who want out are the type of people who would be targeted by Terrorist groups ie educated non or non observant muslims, those classes of people could apply for entry via the normal migrant entry requirements and have been doing for decades,the problem comes when like europe at the present time has millions of unknown and untraceable ferals from many parts of Africa and the arab world, who have no skills other than petty crime (and worse) and will be a massive strain on the ordinary working people of europe and will be for for decades to come,

and here I was thinking he was trying to avoid a fly....what a Obozzo

I bet he thought those cue cards were mirrors?

Trumps over Obummer

Trump should have the black moslem tried for treason.

One experiment gone wrong for 8 years

Its getting difficult to purchase 223 ammo, all the good stuff seems to have been spoken for.
Time to fire up the old reloading rig.
Polish that brass and make it new again.

He is also a gay romper & Michelle is a ladyboy.

Not sure about the "closet Muslim". Dickhead, certainly. If the USA under Barak is an Obama Nation, would the election of Trump make it an abomination?

Why doesn't Toys R Us sell Obama "Golliwog Dolls" for Christmas, seeing it falls on a Friday, all the Islamic Scum can take him to the mosques and kiss and fiddle with him.

Putin has done more damage to IS in the short time Russia has become involved in the fight against IS than all the time the US have been stuffing around dropping leaflets!

Can a US President declare a 'State of Emergency' and cancel the 2016 Election by 'Executive Action'.?

Qur'anObummer must be shitting bricks that Trump will get in and uncover the Islamic conspiracy