The Pickering Post
Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Should have added the comment " .... and show us where your wives and daughters are".

er........Make That ......EXTERMINATE - EXTERMINATE

How ironical - I am os, and the accompanying advertisement is from MUSLIMMARKET.COM for female Muslim-compliant clothing featuring a woman covered from head to toe.

Hilarious Larry!


Buggar the horse - Oh it should be buggar the goat.

A terrific cartoon. Too bad it's the truth and exactly what is happening. We are stuffed.

What ever happened to the Iranian's we saw on the TV whose women had surgery on their noses and filled up with botox and the men were pumped up with steroids ? If they are still in the concentration camps would the males shrink in size when the steroids wear out like an Australian weight lifter who shrank from a big fella into a really small fella and would they be recognisable from when they first arrived ?

There are many politicians like Tony Burqa (ALP) who have Muslims within their electorate so isn't it their job to Australianise these immigrants into becoming Australian as in dress and language and respect for all other Australian religious peoples or have these politicians sold us out for their profit and their sedition that they would knowingly allow a foreign power to dictate their existence within their electorate ?

I sat cheering at the Bolt Report today when Att. Gen. George Brandis actually said what we are all saying! Islam is a struggle against civilization, it is 21st Century fascism, a medieval ideology, a religious dictatorship on everyone and a dangerous form of authoritarianism with no concept of freedom, no concept of respect for others and no respect for other religions!

Why are there no cauldrons full of hot oil on top of the wall?

Go F yourself Dickhead. Ancient History. Now FO this site.

The Kaffir

A picture is worth a thousand words comes to mind.

...and that's exactly how it is playing out.

Back in the late 1990s when Philip Ruddick was immigration minister I wrote him a letter warning him about the Trojan Horse affect of letting muslims in that some could be terrorists and others sleepers and that it wasn't safe for the rest of us to just let them in willy-nilly. He wrote me a very nasty letter saying he would let in anyone who wanted to come in and he wouldn't discriminate because they were muslim. Then he called me a bigot and a racist! I should write to Ruddick again now and say: 'what a great idea it was for you to just let the muslims in back in the 90s - not!'

Not wrong Larry. Anyone with a skerrick of common sense will agree. Here in AustraliaTurnbull and the liberal party, once great defenders of Australian rights and protectors of our borders, trying to out Angela Merkle, Angela Merkle.

...and therein, the fish started rotting from the head down. Anniversary of the Cronulla Riots, thank your local pollies for all that (and more to come). Vote ALA.

The wheels were provided by Centrelink.

The door should be open, with Turnbull the green, Mirkel and Obama holding the big welcome sign.