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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.




This is the most exciting time to be an Australian. If climate change don't get you then Mo's warriors will. Turnbull is an infant.

Climate change is real, and inevitable and natural. If there was a UN when the last Ice Age came towards its (inevitable, natural) end then the UN Panel would cry "the world is coming to an end, if the temperature rises 2 degrees." And it has risen many more degrees than that, and the world thrives. As he sea temperature slowly rises, the Barrier Reef will extend southwards, some arable land will become unusable and other non arable land will become arable. Some unstable Pacific atol islands will sink, as they have always done, and others will rise. And a carbon tax will do bugger all to change it!!!!!

We should be allowed to round them all up, world wide, and eradicate them, it's what you do with vermin.
As far as productive work goes, I doubt we even notice their absence. In the interim, I would inform all public servants of what awaits them should they continue with their socialist ways, and let them run the place (they do now, so again little change) till we decide our future.
The first order of business would be to remove ourselves from the UN and all its covenants, th rest will follow on from that I think.

the greatest threat to our time is the bunch of criminal politicians worldwide

That prick Osama-Obama, what a total tosser. He 'decries' the very tragic shootings in California, but says absolutely FUCK ALL when the Muslim pigs slaughter hunderds of people in the Middle East. The sooner this twat fucks off and plays golf, the better

A powerful cartoon that say's it all in a few words and shows what dickheads the so called leaders of this world are. They must be naturally stupid because no amount of money could entice people of normal intelligence to do and believe what these fools do. UNBELIEVABLE!

Too much tamponing does it too....

Very good Larry.

I talk to the trees, but they don't listen to la la

Good work Larry. We are surrounded by a mob of dills.

A good one Larry, another take on the old Political adage "There's no food in the fridge, let's paint the house"

This excellent cartoon says it all It is spot on the facts. However, it is not bloody funny. It is scary. The halfwit politicians scare the shit out of me.

Senate Halal certification enquiry got somewhere , it's a start in the right direction and it can't be swept away by the Islamic councils .

You've summed up the crap perfectly Larry. Lord Bouncy Waffler Turncoat doesn't get it....

Great cartoon , captures everything happening today .

Mad as a gullible warmer.

It's amazing where our priorities lie.

Prince Charles, dear oh dear oh dear, i thought that old George was the last monarch to go mad , now it looks like charlies going that way as well, it just proves that wealth and influence does not equal common sense,

I noticed that Shorten was addressing the troops, they did not look very impressed! i think TA had the military vote tied up, he was not too big to bunk down and train and get down and dirty with the army guys, he think he enjoyed their company, who would you rather have at your back, Abbott , Shorten or backstabber Turnbull!.