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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Fully aware of the wanking history. Zeitgeist- etal. The problem at the end of the day is the corrupt politicians. Regardless of who has the money - ethics and morality of those who are elected by the people - should represent the people. Regret that no countries politicians fall into this category...power corrupts. This is being demonstrated worldwide and the EU politicians are school kid bureaucrats trying to fuck up the EU. Draghi (ex GS) does not realize the balance sheet function of QE actually equals zero. That is the sum of all central bankers intelligence.

Mortgage should be a government institution set at the same rate as blackfellas money loaned at 4% .

If I had my time over Arcy, I should have handed my kids over and gone back to work. With one left and one on the verge of leaving I've been trying to get a job. No luck I'm in my mid 50's.And I don't know if it made any difference being home to raise them

The bigger the dream, the better the outcome. There is a really good book called 'The Magic of Thinking Big'. It is a good read and should compulsory reading in high school.

Then we have the average wage - cost of living - increased through CPI. Add to that mix higher personal taxation. Socialist state creates a system whereby other people's money then needed to support the social net. Higher taxes - hidden taxes - GST - levies this flow on then means that there is no such thing as a sole income family. Two incomes just to survive...and no cigarettes

Jack - high house prices - cause and effect. Cause is the taxation system that allows negative gearing. Cumulative effect over several decades of bad policy.

Who was the first Chinese to ride a Melbourne Cup winner? Chris Munce's cell-mate.

Thank you Jack French, About bl......dy time some one collated the two to come to the correct situation.

Yes girls dreams. The younger generation has nothing to look forward too. On the young lady (well not really at 30) that one the Melbourne cup - full credit from me. They go through the worst crap during training - emotional mayhem and bullshit by male peers. They usually drop out in tears.

it already is...didn't you notice..the Emirate Melbourne Cup...surrounded by Aussie females wearing Emirate Burqas, submitting to sharilaw and islam....the Cup is over for me...until this disgrace is ended

I'll keep J French in mind now Harry as it adds a whole new light.

I wasn't intimating Abbott was into Credlin Harry....I'm talking professionally. They say he is in contact with her ...I'm talking professionally. I gather Tony Abbott thought a lot of her professional talent. That's what I'm saying. No intimation of any other sense.......

Is Jack Van Tongaren a goody or a baddie.....says he got in trouble over graffiti. Sounds like a good artist.

On the other hand, if Abbott takes Credlin to London, no room for BK. Three is a crowd.

If BK isn't DJT, Tman and all the other aliases I will go heave. dodo put me onto it but BK was discussing tax with pelican today and it's him all right. You ask him Horse. BK makes a lot of sense and does not like Turnballs....he is (was) an Abbott man. Abbott is heading to London after Downer by all accounts. Maybe he will take BK with him.

When I was a teenager you could buy a new house out in the burbs for around 5 times the annual average wage. Guess what you can do the same now but the bloody house is 50% bigger. Contrary to the pseudo-intellectual narrative houses like a lot of other things are relatively cheaper.

spot on paul it seems we are well on the way to communism whether we like it or not