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Thursday, 15th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Fair go Jack, i've already planned to move to Cayman Islands. Havn't you ?

Billy did send a pic. of his donger to Pailashit !

Looks l;ike he wants to stick with politics and be a Dick-tator.

Emilys pissed

So! Is Billie a 'BIG' prick or a 'SMALL' prick of a member in the Labia pardy? ANY local constituents come forward to say what a 'good performer' he is !? Maybe a few boyfriends annoyed with such 'grubby' carryon ! 'Grubby'!? 'Grubs' ! Anything like a 'Witchity Grub'? Billie better not go to any Bush dinners!

Modern version of: 'Pointing the bone !?'

Everyone needs that little something that makes them stand out amongst the crowd. For Fitzsymons it is his red pirates bandana and for Billy Gordon it is his dick. Although about half of the Australian population have them but Billy thought of it first as a tool for gaining attention and open people's the problems in his electorate.

Meringa,I don't know, there's willy shorton, another who does not mind airing his didgeridont.

nodding in the background like the toy dogs they used to have in the back of cars years ago

Must be a couple of future senators in that little lot.

We have to admire BIlly for being so proud of his prick. Nor much else going for him is there

The best comment on the Gordon "scandal" was Jckie Trad the ABC radio news last week. They only played the last line of her statement which was "that's not very pretty" On the TV news there was a story of her outrage, but I thought that comment was very funny. Did she actually see it??

I think the Emily's List feminists in Parliament and their hangers on are mainly - dare I say it - white!

Did he send Have a chuck one?

Great cartoon, Larry. Make sure you send it to Anna Palazuk. Ha Ha

Who is the hottie with her own set of wheels?

I think the official term is : DONGER.

But those matching dillybags are a treat.

The Crackatinnie Clan doing a slong spotting competition; obviously Billy's shlong has 'been every where man'. Wonder if he's given Miss Piggy a glide on the old Midnight Lightening Rod.

He should be called "Flash Gordon" !!

That's not his "didgeridoo" that's his "nulla-nulla"