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Monday, 18th February 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



cut your own head off

Not in the trilogy "PZ" so can't do.

er... OTQuestion....How come the New Look PPost and Zanetti both have Loss'a ADDS for Asian Girlfriends (4 want of a better name) ?

A Hug to a Bomb Vest ?

O course it will be a hug. It is the religion of peaceā€¦ a piece of you here and a piece of you there.

Puts a new slant on Romper Room! Remember Owlies school, this could be Ali's school. Miss Helena could look through her mirror and say, " I can see Monis, Farhad, Osama and Mohammad and what is that you are making, a bomb? "

joylene. My experiences show me that the various Christian churches are working together better today than ever before, even the Catholic church. Don't listen to the current pope!

Was Fred wearing his halo ?

Micky C - RIGHT ON.

Indignant Elder - Religious control is not just about killing people. The Catholic church controls women (no contraception or abortion), moderate religions want us to 'forgive' everybody regardless of what they do. The church has an influence on OUR justice system as well. I still believe that they are organisations of evil. As somebody who has been bought up in a home that had religious beliefs - I feel that I have the right to be critical because I have seen it first hand.

Yes, it certainly is a worry. The politics of appeasement and deals done that we need not know about.
The problem is these politicians and social engineers aren't the ones that have to share the streets thr roads, shops and they won't experience the dangers. They are comfortably separate in their protected gated leafy communities. more affluent locations. Good luck to them I say, unfortunately it doesn't allow them to experience the tension first hand.

Assimilate....mmm, there's another word with ass in it.

It's a death cult. Islam can never change. It is the conflict of evil versus....everything.

Oh goody, I can't wait for us to get stuck into the Arabs in Lakemba with their own Sharia Laws like weekly flogging the Lebanese and our own politicians who support them .

Sad it will never be a hug mainly a kiss of death and our Pollies with their Police Protection Units nah not a problem as long as it us the riff raff that are being killed!

So long as the hug does not set of explosive device he has strapped around him!!!!

Islam is a legalistic religion. Justice (and the law) is blind, as shown by the motif/plaque on all law courts. Love is not just sensual, it may be self sacrificing, and may need to operate within various imposed parameters, some of which are legalistic. Am I going around in circles? Probably - but the argument spirals out from these basic precepts: Legalistic religion and Loving religion! (remember a 'religion' is strictly speaking 'a way of life'.)

My motto bringing up my children: Love Is The Answer..........what was the question?

Isn't religion hatred. Aren't each of these groups trying to denounce each other and fight for EXTREME power.

So long as the HUG did NOT 'squeeze you to death!?'

Rofl - quite apt in view of the Russian women scamming ISIS soldiers for money to travel.