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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



I have never trusted her the first time I saw her at a protest in Northam, WA when the town tried to stop a detention centre being built at the old army camp. Her true colours shone through her, she is a sympathizer of Islam. She was down right angry when she saw the number of protesters from Perth in Northam protesting.

why was this prick made chairman FFS?


@ trooper, this the booklet you mentioned? .........

eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwe look at me now. See the video on Bolt's. The Bish is sooo special in her own opinion. The Panton man must be daft. I feel sorry for his family - how embarrassing to be attached to the Bish the betrayer. I saw he paraded around Sydney with Mally Turning and Loosley Liberal in February together with the Bish. Has Panton got rocks in his head or the other? Or does he pant on for fame? Get outta ther Pants before you look like a bigger idiot than you do already.

Nine. Me too.

You've got it Mc!

Thank you I have also just emailed it off.

I know LP has resorted to advertisers (I'm in a small way to blame, but "he" demands my telephone number before accepting a donation, and I refuse to give it - I get enough junk calls now), but I find it amusing to see an advertisement for top-of-head to end-of-big-toe swimwear for women on this page. (I'm o/s, you won't get it in Oz).


Brilliant stick it to the little bastard.

The bloody woman is near 60, must be on a double dose of HRT.

He is in deep dodo if he is the bossy type and wants to wear the pants in the family. Course a few good development 'approved' by the ( Julie's ) Govt could compensate any loss of man-pride.

THNX KILLY I had a booklet on what you have reminded me of , and I think it states that they MUST REPLY standing orders , lost the book

Couldn't help but laugh, Missionchris.

Likewise and thankyou for enabling this process.

True , but a naughty thing to say. :-))

Good work Paul. Panton has his pantsoff.

Love your work Paul! These people are proving to be no better than the Labor Party we threw out! How did TA put up with these turds for so long, how was he able to keep them in check for do long!

Done also.