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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



I'd be very careful if I were the crims or even their supporters in The ALP. The law is there to be applied.


I did but she was so drunk she could not prove it was not consensual get the story bud!

Great one Larry!

looks like lambie`s bra is too small for king billy big tits, but i reckon lambie`s schlonger would fit right up billy big tits bum easily

Let's hope all the grubs are exposed and dealt with accordingly - time to rid this country of labor lies, green slime and the ugly unions.

Can you imagine how many union bum sniffers they would have working trying to get something else on Heydon that could be perceived as bias. No luck yet bum sniffers or it would be all over Fauxfacts and their ABC. They won't stop trying though as they know that Heydon knows his stuff and is not scared of the union thugs. I feel a bit sorry for all the ice addicts out there though as by the Time Heydon is through most of the manufacturers and distributors of ice will be in gaol and their supply line will have dried up.

Short-on is shitting himself with fear that he may have another appointment in the hot seat at the Royal Commission. Can't wait to see him recalled whether it be before Justice Dyson Heydon or another Judge, preferably before Justice Heydon who has by now a good handle on these commo bastards.

If Shorten thinks getting rid of Dyson will be the end of it -HELLO

Thanks Larry.

The term bias in this case is in the mind of the beholder. That is, with the most to lose if the RC continues to uncover fraud and corruption in Labor and its affiliate, the Union movement. The objectors have not provided any evidence that the Commissioner has done anything else but expose the crooks who have stolen millions of members money and blackmailed companies into paying protection money. It will be a sad day should Heydon decide to stand aside. Hopefully he will tomorrow dismiss the accusations as being nothing more than frivolous. Moreover, he will apply Section 600f the RC Act of 1902 and charge those in the Labor party, the Union movement and the left media who have abused the standing of the Commission. Three months gaol for each offence would be too lenient.

Yep. Perception. In this case it means I know the truth and I don't want you to find out.

Nobody draws Boxhead Willy, as well as Larry does. It's a masterpiece. I reckon that 's Jacquie Lambie's bra he's wearing. Mmm, the mind boggles...

Nobody draws Boxhead Willy, as well as Larry does. It's a masterpiece. I reckon that 's Jacquie Lambie's bra he's wearing. Mmm

I,d like to turn the grub loose in a cage of cassowarys , and they are EXPERTS at putting the boot in .

The Cassowary would like to advise all that there is no truth to this rumour whatsoever.

My god that red bra looks disgusting. He should wear a purple one to match his G - string.

Is that not the same perception we have of Billy Shorten ?

The union labor green socialist organized crime gang runs the country and have done for some time. There is only one way to get it back now - but nobody wants to pay the price needed to get it back.