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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Mr Z: in which true colours are you painting Turncoat: vaudeville act or chameleon?

A Question. Would the seat of Wentworth be lost to the Liberal party if Malcolm lost preselection and dropped out of politics?

It's about time Tony grew some balls and relegated this lefty white ant to the back benches before it gets worse.

Turnbull won't get a guernsey if they move on Abbott. He's left of Plibersek!! He has the economic credentials, and probably wouldn't run up more debt, but the hapless taxpayer would be hit yet again to subsidize the losers.

The only people who Turdbull as leader are the Leftards!

With a Friend like Malcrumb, Tony don't Need a Labor Party.

Poor Tony, the square peg in the round hole. A boxer with a good swing but short arms. A man of poor judgement and the charisma of a caterpillar, but no butterfly potential. How could his party have got it so wrong to pick him?

Malcolm is not the Messiah!.....................He is just a naughty boy!

Abbott better buy a kevlar vest to stop the knifing which could be coming.. Maybe he can work from his Bomb Proof BMW.

Malcolm is to Tony what Rudd was to Gillard and I will not vote for a government led buy that weasel I may as well vote for Bull Shitten they are from the same mould!!

Malcolm's a slippery, slimy snake in the grass. He must realise that the Liberal Party support base would surely evaporate if he ever became the party's leader again, whether by fair means, or foul - Malcolm Turnbull would never be accepted. Perhaps Malcolm should turn his mind to HIS actual job at hand, ie fix the taxpayer funded left-wing / Green propaganda unit otherwise known as 'their' ABC (and SBS) - so that it presents nothing political or opinionated - just straight news - no editorials, no opinion!

I see Turnbull as having the attitude of a student politician. Sulky when he doesn't get his own way. That photo yesterday of him hugging a woman holding a sign with Abbott is a c*** shows how classless Turnbull really is. He has money, but for all the beautiful speech, no sense or class. Sydney blue rinses are welcome to him, this conservative voter will not have a bar of him.

Smiling assassin ..

Perfect. Says it all. I can acknowledge one quality relating to him - persistent. The next few days I see a being critical in Australia's future. If Dyson Heydon goes, so will any integrity in government - it will be a royal flush for Shorten and the Labour party.