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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Instead of booing Goodes how about holding up signs saying RACIST ?

One is a mature adult who picked on a child to prove his point,the other an immature 20yo who picked on an adult to put him off his game and it worked for both of them but the outcomes ended up something similar.Both Goodes and Kyrgios's opponent couldn't come up with a good retort all they could do was point a finger and whinge - heat kitchen stay out of!

Absolutely correct apparently booing a Greek Twat is not racist Fuck me!

Spot on Larry, it is person not the race

Trouble Is - The Political Correct COPS have all the Sheeple BLUFFED and too scared to give a BOO.
So - The BASTARD has WON!

They should get a room together.

Their both pieces of crap that we could do without.

You have nailed they both Larry.

Is that crazy fool trying to audition for a leading role as a rapper.

I think Kyrrios has done us all a favour is showing that the overdone PC reaction to the boo-ing of Adam Goodes was just that - PC overreaction. The man flew a controversial political banner, quite obviously with a long term plan to enter politics after his AFL career is over, in totally inappropriate circumstances (when he was Australian of the Year) and also when on the footie field. Unlike our 'betters', the PC glitterati, the Aussie Great Unwashed (that's us) saw through what he was doing and called him on it. His behaviour was in every way on a par with the inexcusable behaviour of the immature tennis player.

Nothing to do with Race, Skin Colour etc.
EVERYTHING to do with the BLOKE.

Strange isn't it Goodes believes he was booed because he was black, but Kyrrios was booed because he was behaving like a spoilt brat! Where as they were both booed because they are behaving like spoilt brats. So cut out the racism crap Goodes you're just another spoilt brat.

Kyrigos' haircut should be enough to get him booed!

says it all really. Sport stars nowadays seem to think they can say what they like.

'n Mitchell Johnson, is another smart arse.
no respect at all in sport, shown by a lot of Australians.
ashamed, cringeworthy at best, their antics at times.

Kyrgios should have been a Thugby player instead of dragging a civilized game like tennis into the mud and Australia ,he should win Worst Sportsman of the Year with Goodes a runner up .What a conceited ,spoilt,conceited obnoxious brat ,thank your mum for not Smacking you !!!!!!!!!!!!

Good of Kevin Bloody Wilson to share with his 500,000 facebook followers.

Gosh ,this Goodes fellow certainly is rather racist towards everyone, how long will this last before this bigot retires and goes and lives with all his racist darkies out in the sticks ?

To be truthful...I think curios Kyrigos is a tad darker than Goodes.

It's coz I is black ...innit ! No...I 'm blacker than you is !

Goodes is such a dimwit. He now believes in all the political PC bullshit and bought into it. Now he has had his fingers burnt and is crying like a baby. The players are such pawns in the McAFL. nGoodes wanted to move to politics and is burnt already. He should have stayed with footy and retired gracefully. He has shat into his nappy now and will retire as a failed ALP could-a-been. The AFL is a disgrace and should keep out of PC politics. Poofter round, pink round, sexual diversity round, multiwog round etc etc WTF???? I have lost interest in the game.