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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Howzabout "POOFTER Marrage?

Paul... you've captured Pyne to a tee! (lol).... he really is a dope!

Is that TA or a chimp in shirt and tie? Poor startled Chrissie Pyne looks like he's asking the same question. LOL.

I'm just a plain, binomial homosapien. Will proposed changes to the Marriage Act make me redundant? Oooo

How about a cartoon showing Penny Pong throwing a nasty tantrum. That nasty little "it" always gets away with her lies and damage to our parliament and our nation. She does so much damage, but always slides under the news media and cartoonist radar.

On a serious note PZ we understand that cartoon satire is meant to poke fun at politicians, but can you make it more realistic rather than having been sucked in by the anti-Abbott mindset. Think about it. Abbott has his gaffe moments that can be mocked. But otherwise he is really a loyal peoples' person. Unlike every single two-faced Labor liar and every loony Green.

Abbott won this argument, proving he still has what it takes. Let the people decide.

I am fed up with the whole lot of it. WRONG and her / her and TA's sister / sister are consuming OUR government's time to dedicate rectifying what the WONG the labor party did to this country. Basically she will f...everybody - look how she spread herself around in RUINING our country.

I luv it, instead of the Gay lobby threatening Parliamentarians we the people get to decided it, will be very interesting to see how that goes, just watch the Money go ino supporting it!

The fact is homosexuals and lesbians get married, (big deal) they can never procreate a child of their so called love. There always has to be a 3rd party involved, and I think if Princess Dianna who said, "my marriage is crowded there are three of us in it'! And so it will always be with gays and lezos, they will always be a Brady Bunch, I just love it!

If I am going to be called a homophobe I consider that gives me the right to call same sex marriages homowed, homoconjoined, homobound etc. I would even consider homomarried but never plain, garden variety married.

Act's are not LAW. Are you a LAW abiding citizen, or an Act abiding citizen?

John Winston H knew how politicians thought,he also knew what the electorate thought of politicians,he knew that the majority would vote for a republic but the electorate wanted to be able to elect a president,that's why he gave the politicians a free hand,he knew that politicians don't like the public having any say , the result the politicians didn't get what they wanted but JW Howard got his result,the same is happening now with this poofery marriage,Abbott doesn't want it,so he will give the people a vote on it,once people see what this poofery has in store for the wider community then they will tell the poofery supporters to go jump.The poofery are already starting to gnash the teeth and getting nasty(as would be expected from them),al Abbott needs to do is give then enough rope.

Is that Pyne under the hat? A worried look though.

I concur! Drive the gay curse away.

Good one Paul. You're very generous with Tony's hair btw.

Bet it never happens!