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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



From the time each politician gained office I would like to know how much each has spent of public money on the official duties .

What is it with these politicians when they get a guernsey to go to Canberra, the first thing they seem to do is to give their current spouses the flick, start shagging the office staff and others, taking advantages of taxpayer-funded world trips with their latest squeeze and then getting married again.Their must be something in the air down there that effects the likes of Shorten, Burke, Combet and the rest of them or are they just rank-opportunist.

This parasite Burke will never give-up on the lurks, rorts, perks and gravy train that is his as a federal politician, his own labor party won't be able to do anything either as he is one of those factional-thugs who run the party these days.

Let's have a booooooo. a Rorting Pollie day. Only boo the ones who are screwing us with their Clayton Entitlements. You shouldn't have any trouble picking them. They get driven around in Com Cars and stay at 5 star Hotels.

Ausralia keeps paying and the takers keep taking. Because the takers know Australians have little, or no interest, in the runnings of their country. Simple really, and a gold mine for the takers.

It seems to me that Burke is using the same response as Bishop. The expenditure was within the rules. It would seem that there is only one difference here, Bishop paid the money back because she agreed it looked bad. Burke agrees that it looked bad but refuses to pay it back. Oh the other difference is that the media, led by the ALPBC, vilified Bishop relentlessly but have been all but silent on Burke. Even the feministas felt it was fine to mercilessly attack a woman because she is a conservative. Burke must go and if the politicians are too piss weak to force it them the public should push the point until it happens.

Burke can do and say what he likes. Bishop lost her position (quite rightly so) as speaker but nothing will happen to burke who has racked up more rorts than bishop because the BS conservatives like pyne r defending Burke. Their attack dogs achieve whilst our liberal govt adopts this pc gee lets be kind to each other and wonders why their followers r deserting them in droves. Abbott can't even keep bishop/turnbull in check.

Burke's hair is too lush. Parliament must do something to the hair follicles to make the men lose it.

From the Australian: Italy and Spain were the favoured destinations of Tony Burke when he embarked on a ministerial travel extravaganza that included first-class flights with senior staffer Skye Laris, who is now his partner.

Mr Burke’s expense claims show that in 2008-09 he racked up $225,000 in overseas travel costs. The Australian understands he was accompanied on most of these trips by Ms Laris.

In January 2009, Mr Burke travelled with Ms Laris in his role as agriculture minister to attend a forum in Barcelona known as “Food Security for All”.

Both travelled first-class along with two departmental officials with Mr Burke’s expenses for the six-day trip totalling $48,951.

Shortly afterwards, Mr Burke promoted Ms Laris from adviser to chief of staff and stipulated that she accompany him on all of his domestic and overseas trips.

A spokesman for Mr Burke said yesterday Ms Laris had been ­directed to attend the Barcelona meeting by the then chief of staff.

He said this was the only trip in which the two flew first class.

While he denied that any travel directive about Ms Laris had been made, the travel requirement went with the chief-of-staff role.

“No such stipulation was made. It was standard for Mr Burke’s chief of staff to travel with Mr Burke unless the chief of staff delegated the ­responsibility to another adviser,” the spokesman said.

Mr Burke has come under fire for taking his children with him on a business-class trip to Uluru. ­Yesterday, he admitted that such travel was “completely beyond community expectations” and pledged not to access these ­entitlements in the future.

Mr Burke separated from his wife, Cathy Bresnan-Burke, in 2012. His relationship with Ms Laris became public two years later.

He is now able to claim travel costs for Ms Laris and her two children from two previous ­relationships, as well as for his own three children.

“Ms Laris is registered as Mr Burke’s spouse and all of Mr Burke’s and Ms Laris’s children are registered as dependants with the Department of Finance,” Mr Burke’s spokesman said.

Earlier yesterday, Mr Burke asked the Finance Department to review his parliamentary expenses for trips made with his family, ­including a 2012 trip to Uluru that involved business-class airfares for his family.

Ms Laris also accompanied Mr Burke in April 2009 on a 14-day trip to China and Italy to attend the Boao Forum for Asia and the “G8 G5 Outreach session” of the G8 agriculture ministers’ meeting. Mr Burke billed the taxpayer $58,722 for this extended tour.

In the same year, Mr Burke travelled to the US and the Middle East at a cost of $81,000, and again to Italy at a cost of $47,286.

In his capacity as finance spokesman, Mr Burke has led the attack on former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, but a close examination of his expense claims reveals a host of excessive and questionable items.

I don't think Berc can afford to repay the taxpayers money which he himself says was beyond community expectations as failed marriages and child support doesn't come cheaply these days.

I know it's Burke, but anyone think it also looks a bit like James Packer?

Burke should resign from politics completely.
He is clearly a risk to Australia's future security.
He backs the proponents of Sharia Law to garner the -20% voting block in his electorate at the risk of the other -80% of voters.
He proved totally incompetent on border security as Minister for Immigration.
He colluded with Gillian Triggs to hold on the AHRC raising the children in detention matters 1 year before the 2013 election.
He has made a mockery of our parliament by incessantly objecting and interrupting procedures on faux technicalities.
He has abused our trust by blatantly rorting the MP expenses claims, more so than Bronwyn Bishop.
There are many. many other reasons.
Tony Burke is typical of ALP ethics. Rotten to the core.

The AFL have arranged for the gestapo to be at Geelong Sat. night to prevent booing. (Is Goodes arriving by chopper.?)

Burke is a true Soialist. Loves spending other peoples money and now he is refusing to pay it back. He should be kicked out of Parliament. He was a lousy politician anyway.

Obviously Berks definition of "within the rules" are the same with ALP's definition. Applies only to them and not LNP members...

Maybe Burke is pissed off because his kids didnt get a helicopter ride to Uluru [at taxpayers expense of course]

Absolutely brilliant.

Hope someone from here goes to Saturday's game at Geelong and tells what happened.

Great analogy, Larry.

Awesome.. Love it!,